Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

You remember this happening in Wisconsin?

  • Beto, who will be in Decatur today at noon, dropped a mother of all expletives (language warning) at someone who mocked him last night, and the crowd in Mineral Wells went crazy. "It may be funny to you . . . . " 

  • Trump took The Fifth. 
    • I don't blame Trump for taking the 5th Amendment at his deposition yesterday. It's his right. Heck, he needs to assert it. 

    • But I do fault him for being dumb enough to ever say things like this. From 2016: 

    • Hey, in future criminal trials can I use Trump's statement that he issued yesterday as he entered his deposition to explain why he was taking the 5th? "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the great Donald Trump once said [insert highlighted part]."

  • As to the search of Trump's home, the Republican Party officially continued to turn on law enforcement yesterday as they signed on to Trump's defense of: "The cops planted evidence!"  
    • It was first floated by a Trump lawyer on the evening of the raid.

    • Trump then ran with it on his own social network. 

    • Rand Paul and the Fox crowd yesterday morning. 

    • This really was amazing

    • I am and it is. 

    • Some suggest that, with Trump owning the Supreme Court, we might end up with a new Mar-a-Lago rule of law out of all of this. Heck, we already have suggestions . . . 

  • The New York Times has filed a civil suit to try and get the search warrant affidavit. I have no idea if this has any merit or basis. 

  • I learned for the first time yesterday that Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III's high school coach at Copperas Cove, Jack Welch, was a Bridgeport graduate. 

  • Wise County's congressional rep Ronny Jackson just said on a podcast that he once ate a plate of male dog reproductive organs. (Yep.)

  • We finally have a result in the Sheriff Joe mayor's race. He lost again. 

  • If you want to see a quick 360 video from the coach's tower at Cowboys camp to show what the field and surroundings look like, here ya go.  It's pretty cool. 

  • Construction is over! Smooth sailing through Waco! . . .