Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

An 82 year old man suffering from a probable diabetic episode "hit four people in front of a Ross department store [in Lake Worth], including a 25-year-old woman, a 40-year-old woman and two children, ages four and five.  Seconds later, Martinez sped down the parking lot and hit two more children, including Savannah Deegear, who died a short time later."  Seven months later, a Tarrant County grand jury will decline to indict him. 

  •  Oh, my!

    • So what was it about? The prevailing school of thought is that its about the unauthorized taking of classified documents, but we honestly don't know. There is in existence a sworn search warrant affidavit that will explain it all, but it is sealed -- something that is  routine. But in this case involving a criminal justice event which has never happened before in the history of the U.S., it needs to be released. The public has a right to know.

    • Let's be clear: The the highest level of the Justice Department gave the go ahead for this search. From there, a federal judge had to approve the search after finding probable cause exists to believe a crime was committed. After that, the FBI then executed the search. And the FBI is led by this guy . . . 

    • What's the difference? That's a stupid statement even for him. 

    • Let's check in on the reaction of the "Law and Order" and "Back the Blue" crowd. I find all of this jaw-droppingly amazing. They have no idea if the case has merit or not.
      • QAnon weights in:

      • Wise County's own representative continues to embarrass us:

      • An account run by Trump sycophant Rep. Jim Jordan puts a different twist on "no one is above the law":

      • Hey, there's an innocent explanation! Trump was scrapbooking!
  • Beto confirms his trip to Decatur.  I'm hearing rumors of protestors.
  • Following in the steps of Parker County, Wise County Commissioners approved a proclamation yesterday calling illegal immigration an "invasion."  That's a shame. I suspect they know it's a meaningless and silly exercise, but they were bullied into doing so by the Trump Disciples who have taken over the local Republican Party.  
  • A faithful reader pointed out to me that the photos appearing in billboards promoting Decatur ISD use stock photos instead of pictures of actual students. 
  • The defendant took the stand in the "honor killing" case. I normally actually support a defendant testifying, but I wouldn't do it when the guy speaks Arabic and has to use a translator. And I also wouldn't recommend it when he has no explanation for being on the lam for a decade. Side note: The prosecutors are horrible, but even they can't lose this one.  
  • Notable death. I can't begin to tell you how much Grease meant to the teenage girls of my generation.  But I didn't remember how bad the Let's Get Physical video was until I saw it yesterday.
  • Another notable death. In addition to his writing style, I absolutely loved his voice.  I can still hear it every time I think of Ken Burns' documentary, The Civil War.
  • This is going nowhere. 
  • Random photo on the cover of the San Antonio paper showing the effects of the drought. That's Medina Lake which is only 10% full. Look at that dock on dry land which is a long way from the building/home.
  • The USA Today's Coaches Poll is out and, as always, Texas makes an appearance. Although they came in at #18, one coach gave them a first place vote.  And we know it's not UT's coach because he doesn't get a vote.
  • Turns out the OU coach the read the racial slur not once but multiple times.