Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The spot for the new Fuzzy's was getting a paint job 10 years ago. I don't ever remember it being that bright -- it doesn't look that way now. 

  • We flirted with it darkness and no a/c for a bit yesterday, but made it another day. Texas!

  • The fact that so many people were so na├»ve that they couldn't believe the 10 year old pregnancy/travel to another state to get an abortion story is really amazing.  And even if that particular story turned out to be untrue (we learned yesterday it wasn't), the exact same thing will happen again somewhere this week or this month. Guaranteed.

    •  Earlier yesterday, before the story broke, the Wall Street Journal declared it false:

    • Congressman Jim Jordan had to delete this.

    • ESPN's Clay Travis had a hot sports opinion about it to (below) which he completely retracted yesterday.

  • The Hood County Sheriff's Office tells us we need to turn to Jesus in an official Facebook post.  I know so many people that see nothing wrong with this, and it blows my mind. 

  • Hey, I'm no defender of Trump but just attempting to call a witness, but not making contact, is not witness tampering.  It's not even attempted witness tampering.   I wouldn't recommend it, but people are getting way too bent out of shape about it.

  • I don't think I've ever posted anything from the right wing Daily Caller, but they reported yesterday that, in fact, Mexico was going to pay for it.

  • I'm still watching that mysterious mass death at a bar in South Africa. The bar owner was arrested yesterday but it wasn't for causing the deaths, but just for providing alcohol to minors.  The "poisoning" angle is still out there because "South African investigators have since ruled out the stampede theory." But the more I read it seems like you can rule out the phenomenon where people get so packed in together that their chests can's expand and they suffocate. In that scenario, the bodies show no signs of being "trampled" at all. 

  • Well this is awful.  A camal walking on Chisholm Trail Parkway south of Fort Worth was hit and killed by a car.  No one knows exactly where it came from.

  • I just finished this book which was peculiarly different but good.  It's really three short books in one: A guy killing multiple people in Alabama in a crazy insurance scam, the liberal Southern lawyer who represented him, and Harper Lee going back home to spend years researching a book about it all which was never written (or at least published).

  • I'm proclaiming yesterday as one of the slowest news days of the year.