Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago we still hadn't had the runoff election between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst, but this was the first sign that Cruz might actually win.  (Dewhurst had been attacking Cruz for doing legal work for a Chinese outfit. I thought that was stupid and was backfiring, but now I doubt that had much to do with it.)

  • I don't think Abbott and DPS are on the same page on this one. And I'm kind of surprised Abbott is taking this stance.

  • I'm not sure how that line ever got into Jill Biden's prepared speech. It wasn't impromptu. Video. That's an unforced error. 


  • An officer with a constable's office in Harris County is in hot water for "hard" high-fives to the opposing team after a little league game. Video.

  • The January 6th Committee will focus today on the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers connection to Trump and the Insurrection. But one thing which they will bring up is something which I hadn't put together . . . . 
    • There was a crazy meeting in the Oval Office on the evening of Friday, December 18th when the nutcase entourage of Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, and former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne managed to get in the White House and just happen to catch Trump's eye. Over the next several hours, Trump advisors (especially Eric Herschmann) would battle the conspiracy theorists in the Oval Office as they urged Trump to seize voting machines and take other insane action. 

    • But it would be later that same night, after midnight, when Trump will in effect summon the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and others to Washington for January 6th in a tweet. (Which also marks the first time in American history that a president called for a protest against the peaceful transfer of power.)

    • It had only been a couple of months since Trump had told the Proud Boys in a national debate to "Stand back and stand by." Now they were coming. 

  • New poll released yesterday which I believe. 

  • The New York Times focused this morning on a different part of the same poll.  The headline is technically true, but admittedly the actual polling numbers gives you a different feel. Then again, Trump's stronghold on the Republican Party is finally beginning to show signs of slipping away. 

  • How Hershel Walker is a Senate Republican nominee is one of life's great mysteries. Video.

  • The Alpine, Texas police department tried to get cute on Facebook. The comments didn't find it that funny.  

  • If you are interested in school politics, this might interest you out of Wichita Falls.  The WFISD superintendent announced his resignation earlier this year "after controversy and protests arose about his plan to make cuts to staffing to fill an estimated $8 million to $9 million hole in the 2022-2023 budget."  It looks like he over-projected enrollment which is a big no-no and which caused a financial crisis. 
    • However, the guy was able to find a job at Victoria ISD right away and started it on July 5th. 
    • But get this: He just told the Victoria school board that "Based on the overwhelming negative and defamatory social media unrest, however false that it maybe, I feel that it is in the best interest of the VISD that I resign my position effective July 11, 2022." The social media "unrest" doesn't appear to be related to any personal scandal but just Victoria folks finding out about the budget problems while he was at Wichita Falls. 
    • By having his Wichita Falls resignation take effect on June 30th, he was able to collect "$112,440 in bonuses and other payments" and "did not have to repay the WFISD money for tuition and fees from his pursuit of a doctorate degree at the University of North Texas."

  • Real estate headlines in Dallas Morning News today. The cooling off continues.  

  • That escaped mental patient from the Wichita Falls hospital was captured in Austin on Sunday.