Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I ended up being wrong about it being a murder. The name was John Rodman Steele if you want to go down that rabbit hole.

  • Moments ago. Ugh. 

  • More video was released late yesterday from the debacle in Uvalde, and it was worse than what you expected.  A four minute edit is here. The full 1 hour and 22 minute video is here

    • I think this frame from the beginning of the video might stick with me forever. Good gawd. 

    • The reaction and response of police was shown to be, like we knew, horrible. It doesn't look like anyone was in charge, and certainly no one was willing to act. Hand sanitizer should not be on your priority list. 

    • Looking at the lock screen of the Punisher while children are being slaughtered is not a good look. 

  • The January 6th hearing yesterday revealed that Trump had planned all along for the mob to march to the Capitol to stop Congress from certifying the electoral votes. It was a pre-planned coup.
    • A tweet announcing the planned march down Pennsylvania Avenue was drafted but not sent. 

    • Why was it not sent? It was decided that an announcement during Trump's speech would have more of an impact. The My Pillow guy was in on the plan. "Kremer" below is Kyle Kremer who was a major organizer of the rally. 

    • And why did Steve Bannon announce to his podcast audience on January 5th that "all hell was going to break loose" the next day? He had inside information. Trump and Bannon talked on the phone at 8:53 a.m. for 11 minutes on January 5th according to phone logs.

    • And this nutcase actually believed she was appointed as Special Counsel to Trump. And from the way the unhinged meeting sounds, she just might have been. 

      Worst Dr. Pepper commercial ever. 

    • Random throw away thought:  I'm going to end up buying that panda art in the background before all is said and done. It has really grown on me. Or maybe it's just the feeling I get from hearing this guy talk about all the lunacy that was surrounding Trump in the final days. 

  • Twitter officially sued Elon Musk yesterday. And, as predicted, they don't want the $1 billion penalty fee but, instead, they want him to buy the company for the $44 billion he promised. 

  • I wondered about this possibility when those fires broke out.  Teenagers and houses under construction can be a bad mix. 

  • These are the faces of new federal judge nominees announced yesterday. And they will all be confirmed. 

  • Very nerdy legal stuff: This excerpt from a concurrence in an otherwise forgettable Fifth Circuit opinion from two days ago is 100% true. 

  • I'm coming back to this quote but in this form. I might print it and frame it. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold