Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Hot weather is often a topic. That's from the front page of the Star-Telegram on July 10, 2012.

  • Speaking of:
    • ERCOT wants you to conserve electricity during the hottest part of today:

    • That announcement from ERCOT came right about the same time last night as parts of Houston started getting hit with electricity outages. 

    • Somehow Wise County is out of the warning area for today, but there's no way you will feel any difference. Waco and College Station both hit 109 yesterday. And those southwest of us are really getting scorched today.

    • DFW Airport has had 8 consecutive days of 100 or higher, and 17 total days at that level. In case you were wondering what the records look like:

  • A lady gets stopped in the HOV lane in Plano and decides that she should fight the ticket using the argument that she should be considered to have "two people" in the car since she is pregnant. There are some weird things about all of this: (1) The story went nationwide overnight despite only appearing in David Lieber's pretty boring "Watchdog" column about it in the Dallas Morning News. (2) In interviews, she completely dodges Roe v. Wade questions and won't even state a position despite the Dobbs angle being the only reason the story is going national. (3) She sure is willing to pose for pictures for everyone. So what exactly is her angle?

    Posing for WFAA

    Interview with CNN on Sunday

  • Elon Musk, as I told you he would do from the start, has backed out of this $44 billion Twitter deal. 
    • He just posted this. This will not end well for him, and the child is not smart enough to realize it. 

    • He has a major problem. Some people think he can just pay a $1 billion "penalty" and walk away. That's not true. There is a $1 billion penalty clause in the contract, but that only comes into play if Twitter allows him to use it. More importantly, the contract requires specific performance and gives venue to the Delaware Chancery Court which enforces that remedy all the time. And Twitter isn't playing around . . . 

  • Fox News says an AR-15 wasn't the cause of the Highland Park Massacre, this was: 

  • The police are definitely not being defunded in Fort Worth. 

  • It's flat out weird that a small group of right-wing, part-time Texas lawmakers have decided to proactively play cops, judge, jury, and executioner. I mean really weird. (And one of them tried to be D.A. in Tarrant County.)

  • Trump was in Alaska this weekend. 
  • This gal was a mess. Video.

  • I doubt if you paid attention to 15 people being gunned down in a tavern in Johannesburg yesterday.  But that comes on the heels of another incident (below) in South Africa -- which probably should catch a few more headlines than it is  -- and where the motive is also unknown. Something's going on down there.

  • Here's the Wikipedia entry for the Luby's Massacre for those who have forgotten . . .