Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I noticed the name of Jack Koslow on this sign 10 years ago and wondered if he was the same guy who was a victim in one of the most infamous crimes in Fort Worth history. Indeed, he was. And he won his election and is still on the council. 

  • This is interesting. The slew of candidates endorsed by the "Wise County Conservatives" group went 1-8 in the local elections on Saturday for city council and school board races. It's almost as if their endorsement had a negative impact. (Thanks emailer for pointing this out.)

  • It ended badly for the deputy on the run.

  • So what exactly did the kid do to Chris Paul's mother at the Mavericks game?

    • As far as the "inebriated" aspect of this, there are reports that the kid is 16 or 18. But a minor can possess or consume alcohol so long as he is in "visible presence" of his parent or guardian.
  • Two of the three people found dead at the Sandals resort in the Bahamas have been identified.  I wonder if this was a carbon monoxide related? Those kind of deaths happen all the time even in hotels in America. It always seems to have something to do with the location of a nearby pool. 

  • This just sold for $195 million. It was bought by 77 year old Larry Gagosian.

  • The uber-right in Texas got very excited yesterday when Gov. Abbott made a statement supporting school vouchers. (Video.) Make no mistake about it: Those who support school vouchers want private religious schools (at least Christian schools, if they have their way) to be funded with your school tax dollars.   It would be the approval of a Kenneth Copeland Newark High School, Gateway Mega-Church Elementary, or Robert Jeffress FBC Junior High getting a piece of your property tax check.  (And the latest attacks using the made up claims of CRT and "Grooming" is all part of a master plan to disparage public schools in order to steer money to religious schools.)

  • A copperhead crawled into a work drawer in Midlothian and bit the man when he reached down to grab a tool. His neighbor took this photo of the critter. 

  • The reporter hasn't witnessed much in his life. 

  • After reading the story, the Texas judge might have gotten away with it it she had gone through with the contempt proceeding for the incidents which caused the lawyers to be taken into custody in the first place. But she just abandoned it. 

  • This Trump worship by the far right of the Republican Party is weird. I mean, seriously, we have never seen anything like this campaign sign by a Nebraska governor candidate.  I don't even know what to compare it to. 

  • I have no idea why the organist for the Texas Rangers posted this pic without an explanation, but now I want to know what happened to the fire truck.   Edit: A faithful reader says, "That photo of the fire truck is from the 9/11 Memorial in New York and it was damaged on 9/11."

  • I saw gas prices at $4.19 at three different places this morning.