Random Friday Morning Thoughts

NBC 5 treated her pretty harshly by taking her off the air and  then not letting her back on after she pled guilty and received 18 months probation. But, as most people do, she bounced back OK.  She currently has a gig as co-host of WFAA-TV's "Good Morning Texas."  

  • Two are dead and three are injured after a shooting in Deep Ellum at around 2:00 a.m. this morning. It sounds like the police will have lots of video of it, but none has been released yet.  Best I can tell, the location is at Crowdus and Elm: 

    • This was from yesterday:

  • Decatur's relay team had a wild day in Austin. In the 4 x 100 they were disqualified after a false start. But then a little later they ran the 4 x 200 and got a gold medal.   The UIL's one false start = automatic disqualification is one of the harshest rules in sports.

    • Am I crazy, or did Decatur's 4 x 100 relay team also get disqualified for a false start at the state meet around 1980? Or did they get third? I was there and one of the two happened.  
  • Looking more at the bodycam from the search of Delaware lacrosse team bus in Georgia, I discovered this girl who might be my favorite 4th Amendment scholar of all time. She asks the officer (@10:21), "How did we go from driving in the wrong lane to [you] going through our bags looking for marijuana?"  Girl, you are preaching what many of us have been asking for years. 

  • We had 50 indictments filed yesterday in Wise County. 
  • We've got a TDC inmate on the run in Leon County after he got out of his "restraints" and attacked the bus driver. Shots were fired at him as he ran away. 

  • I'm confused, are they pro-life or not pro-life? Or do brown babies not count?


  • Elon Musk confirmed a news story in the middle of the night that his Twitter deal is on hold. I told you I was skeptical that he would go through with it. 

  • These probable Insurrectionists will ignore the subpoenas and then nothing will happen to them. The law doesn't matter any longer. 

  • My Pete Delkus 10 day temperature predictor watch is on! I'll be using the official temperature at DFW airport (which was 92 degrees yesterday and which I added to his graphic.) He missed Day #1 by three degrees. I'll update it on Monday. 

  • Seems big: Britney Griner was in a Russian courtroom this morning regarding her detention. It will continue for at least another 30 days. Edit: Here's a pic of her.

  • Not letting it ride: The 80-1 shot winner of the Kentucky Derby won't run make a run for the Triple Crown. 

  • Business quick headlines:
    • I keep telling you. There's money in warehouses.

    • This is not an overstatement: I have never in my entire life seen as much construction in the metroplex (and all around us) as I'm seeing right now. 

  • Extremely very legal nerd stuff for criminal practitioners only: Say a judge at an MTA hearing adjudicates the defendant guilty and imposes a 10 year sentence but tells him he will strongly consider shock probation. But later the judge and the defense lawyer figure out that because there's a deadly weapon finding, he can't get shock probation. Can the defense lawyer then potentially solve the problem by filing a Motion for New Trial to reconsider the sentence or adjudication? Yes, but if you don't assert "interest of justice" as one of the grounds in your motion, your client is screwed and will be going to prison for a long time. That's what the the Fort Worth Court of Appeals held yesterday. (The judge, George Gallagher, actually went along with the defense lawyer and put the defendant back on probation because of their screw-up.  But the DA's office were able to sabotage the judge, the defendant, and his lawyer by appealing. You know, because they tell us their job is to seek justice.)
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 1,043 days.
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