Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The commercial is still online. It just shows how much things have changed in ten years because now stuff like that is the mainstream.  (Willett, after transforming into an "Aw Shucks" guy on Twitter, managed to get appointed to the federal Fifth Circuit by Trump in 2017.) 

  • We've got video of the post-wreck capture of the Alabama killer who was on the run with the now deceased female jailer.  He's every bit of the 6'9" they said that he was. 

  • Breaking inflation numbers from moment's ago: It's still bad but it has slowed. It's not just going to magically disappear overnight. 

  • Before a jury trial was derailed yesterday in the Wise County district courtroom even before it began (the jury panel apparently saw the defendant shackled before jury selection), the ceiling above the judge's bench collapsed causing "10 gallons of water" to fall on the judge's chair. Fortunately, he wasn't sitting in the chair at the time. 
  • Southlake Police were called about an actual water moccasin which found its way into a spacious closet of one of the city's homes. 

  • D Magazine revealed the name of the kid who "put his hands on" the mother of the Suns player. 

  • A guy with no flying experience landed a single engine Cesena with the help of air-traffic controllers yesterday in Florida after his pilot became incapacitated. There's only a portion of the flight recording which has been released so far, but what I've heard is wild. Air Traffic had no idea where he was so they first had him follow the coastline at 5,000 feet until they could pick him up on radar.  (If you want some crazy entertainment, go watch some Youtube videos of the complete recordings of other situations like this.)

  • Elon Musk says that he would let Trump back on Twitter.  Now that he's a private citizen, I don't have any problem with that. In fact, we need to be reminded of just how crazy he is. (One of my favorite follows on Twitter is "Old Donald Trump Posts")

    • But check on this standard that Musk said he would use to monitor the account of Trump and others.  I cannot believe a many spends $50 billion to buy the company because he didn't like its "censorship" standards, but apparently has never given a moment's thought as to what his standards will be. "Wrong" and "bad"? That's his lofty and high-minded rule? 

  • The last respected remaining American institution has crumbled. 

  • Update from last night regarding my political observation about a guy from yesterday.

  • There's been a lot discussion of how the Ultra-MAGA candidates have taken over Southlake ISD with the help of Super PACs, but apparently those same PACs made huge inroads in Frisco ISD on Saturday. 

  • Emotional distress from an NFL coach? Oh, come on. 

  • Very legal nerdy niche stuff: For you lawyers who try DWI cases from time to time, there was a rare appellate defense win yesterday out of Houston in the somewhat common situation of a person being found asleep behind the driver's seat in a car with the engine running but with the transmission in park.  State v. Espinosa, No. 14-20-00751-CR (Tex.App.-Houston[14th Dist.] 2022).  There is a dissent.
  • Fun attendance and tuition facts for the new Big 12:

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