Random Monday Morning Thoughts

We learned Fuzzy's was coming to the courthouse square.  It's still there, and its arrival seemed to mark the turning point of the rebirth of downtown Decatur. 

  • Local election breakdown. 
    • It doesn't get much closer than this one. Probably deserves a recount.

    • Also close.  But "Bilby" and "Lake Bridgeport" are kind of synonymous.

    • This ended up being the most watched race in the west part of the county because of, well, the unusual campaign tactics of one of the candidates.

    • A former Bridgeport police officer and current investigator with the Wise County Attorney's office replaced part of the old guard in Runaway Bay.

    • Probably the most watched race on this side of the Big Sandy.

    • You often don't see four candidates for one school board spot. There isn't a run-off since there wasn't a requirement to break the 50% threshold. 

  • Three police officers from Dallas and Garland were indicted for their conduct during the Dallas George Floyd downtown riots.  The police associations (unions) of both forces were not happy. This guy, in a show of support, was at a news conference to denounce the charges. 

  • Saturday. They called it attempted "suicide by cop" in Bridgeport.

  • This is weird.  "On their arrival at the scene they were directed to the first villa. On entering a bedroom, they found a Caucasian male laying on the ground unresponsive," the Royal Bahama Police Force said in a statement. "An examination of the body was conducted, there was no signs of trauma found. The local doctor later pronounced the victim dead." The officers then proceeded to a second villa where they found another man unresponsive and "slumped the wall in the bathroom." A woman was also found unresponsive in a bedroom on a bed.

  • A sixteen year old got kicked out of the Mavericks game for "putting his hands on" the mother of Suns' star Chris Paul.  The kid looked a little in over his head. 

  • Record temps over the weekend. 

  • Still on the run!:
    • Alabama deputy and her murder-lover.

    • The guy who crashed into four teenagers, killing two, 10 days ago while driving the wrong way in North Dallas. He has been identified but not yet caught.

    • And, amazingly, this guy, Abel Elias Acosta, 14, who allegedly killed three teenagers in a Garland convenience store last December. 

  • The richest man in the world is very weird.

  • Hood County book banning news. Incredible. 

    • Maybe they were looking for this photo. (It's actually just something I came across this weekend. It struck me that (1) this ain't that long ago, and (2) "communism" was sloppily thrown around back then just like "socialism" is today. 

  • Austin judge had a bad weekend. 

  • I'm not particularly interested in the Kentucky Derby, but you can't avoid hearing about an 80 to 1 shot winning. And the race gave us a great post celebration pic, as well as the fantastic overhead video of the last minute of the race which I ended up watching over and over. 

  • Coldplay can sneak into town and sell out the Cotton Bowl, and we hardly even notice. Here's a quick snippet of Yellow from Friday night. That's quite the scene. 

  • At some point, I became a huge fan of Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell even though it is nothing like the music I generally like. Anyway, this weekend I stumbled upon a music podcast breaking down the song. I have no musical training so I didn't understand a single thing the guy was talking about at some points, but it was still fantastic. Enthralling really.  

    • I'll go to my grave believing that "And I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time" is the greatest lyric ever written in any song.