Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I've been in the accurate criminal justice prediction business for a long time. 

  • Deadly shooting this morning at the gates of Lockheed Martin (where lots of people from Wise County work.)  Edit/Update: It was suicide. 

  • Trump continues to be a clear and present danger to the United States.  Yesterday, with mail-in votes in Pennsylvania having to be counted before we know the results of their Senate election, he did exactly what he tried to do in his last weeks in office when he attempted to overthrow our government.  He explained the exact same game plan that he used: Lie about the facts - call it an attempted stolen election without evidence -- and try to seize power. 

    • He doesn't even care or realize that this time he's lying about other Republicans "stealing an election." 
    • That should be an exhibit in a trial against Trump for the January Insurrection if we had an AG who cared about enforcing treason laws. He has always admitted his crimes in plain sight. 
  • The New Yorker pegged the new governor-elect in Pennsylvania's rise to power over a year ago and explained how he's part of the new Christian Nationalist moment. This excerpt is perfect. 

  • Former Ticket host and Boyd's own, Greg "The Hammer" Williams, has apparently had a heart attack.

  • Amazingly, last night nine Republicans voted against allowing low-income parents to use WIC benefits to have more options to buy baby formula.  The final vote in favor of the proposal to help the poor was 413-9. The nine was composed of a who's-who of nutcases.

  • Of Tarrant County interest: Below is a list of the top contributors to Matt "I Ban Books" Krause who is in a run-off for Tarrant County DA. A spreadsheet of all his contributors should be here.
    Highlighted is West Texas rich man oil money

    • Here is a link to the PDF of opponent Phil Sorrells' most recent campaign financial filing.
  • This was both pretty funny and awkward from yesterday. The moment he said "Iraq" he recognized the irony but he tried to lean into it. Video.

  • I could have saved them a lot of money for the time they spent on that poll.

  • And we wonder where people learn to hate.

  • I'm tempted to go down a rabbit trail. I glanced at a rather innocent looking story in the Dallas Morning News about Fort Worth's Fred’s Texas Cafe new location on Camp Bowie West. Then I learned it sits on the property of an old Steak and Ale -- the same restaurant location of a capital murder crime scene in 1989. And a link in the story led to an article from 2012 was about a court temporarily stopping the defendant in that crime from being executed because the State was medicating him in order to make him competent so they could legally kill him.  I had to stop for the time being at that point, but I didn't want to.  

  • I had Bridgeport childhood flashbacks when I saw this yesterday. I climbed up in that thing many a time. 

  • Say what? She Hulk - Attorney at Law? It's real and part of the Disney and Marvel series which presumably means it is made by people who know what they are doing.  Trailer. It looks horrible.

  • He got lucky yesterday, but so far we were supposed to be on our way to "EIGHT" possible record highs. We've had only one (Sunday).

  • Sound of Music news.

  • Legal nerdy stuff that I don't understand: Did the Fifth Circuit just dismantle the SEC yesterday? Have they gone that crazy?
  • I chose it because of the picture and the Cruz headline . . .