Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Facebook went public a $38.00 a share 10 years ago this week. Since then it peaked at $379 until the recent pullback  . . . 

  • There are moments in your life when you will always remember where you were when you heard certain news. Saturday was one of those times. What a gut punch. We all loved Allen. Who didn't love Allen? He was 47 and simply collapsed. 

  • A racist domestic terrorist, motivated by Replacement Theory, traveled 200 miles to do a mass shooting in a predominately black neighborhood grocery store with an AR-15. Ten are dead. He livestreamed it all. 

    • Replacement Theory is based on the belief that white Christians are slowly being replaced by Blacks, Hispanics (especially illegal immigrants), Jews, Muslims or anyone else "not like us." It has become a common theme of mass shootings. (El Paso, ChristChurch, etc.)
    • It has been promoted by Fox News, and especially Tucker Carlson, for years.   Watch him do it. He's done it over 400 times. 

    • Others in Congress run on it. Matt Gaetz, for example: 

    • We heard it just a handful of years ago when Trump refused to bring the hammer down on the "Jews Will Not Replace Us" crowd at Charlottesville. 

  • There was a small pro-choice rally at the Wise County Courthouse on Saturday. 

  • The escaped TDC inmate is still on the loose. I'm surprised by that.  

  • A Texas kid shows up with a whip to confront his black neighbor. When parents go to confront the kid's dad, and he fires a handgun. Video.

  • Hours later, ERCOT issued a warning for Texans to keep there thermostats at 78 on Saturday or that blackouts could occur because six power plants had tripped offline.  I have no idea what the guys at the table are supposed to doing right before an impending crisis, but sitting around for a photo op ain't one of them. 

  • Delkus watch: Four days into his 10 day forecast and we've yet to hit one of his predicted highs. (I'm using official highs at DFW Airport.) 

  • The Little Ball of Insurrection posted a long diatribe trying to explain that her begging and grifting for money is not begging and grifting. It's bizarre.

  • Jen Psaki, outgoing press secretary for President Biden, took time to pose with Fox News White House Correspondent, Peter Doocy.   Things like this are normal for all administrations who do not consider the media to be an "enemy of the people." Which is all of them except one. 

  • Former Tea Party state rep darling Jonathan Stickland is upset that Birdville High School made an unconventional choice for its Prom King (not realizing that kids love to troll adults.)  Side note: Stickland didn't graduate from high school. 

  • This tweet is Idiocracy. The next time one person sues another person for money, but somehow the defendant is sentenced to jail, please let me know.  

  • An Arkansas fan was able to round up a racoon which was on the loose with his bare hands. Video

  • Former SMU and Arkansas football coach, Chad Morris, who took over as a high school coach at power house Allen, abruptly quit on Friday after only one year and hardly anyone noticed.