Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Random not guilty verdict in Wise County 10 years ago.

  • Funeral services for Allen Williamson have been set for 10:30 a.m. Thursday, May 19, 2022 at First Baptist Church in Decatur. His obituary is up.  I'll always think of him as a former assistant district attorney in Wise County -- that's what brought him here in the first place.  Still can't believe he's gone. And that phrase -- "Can you believe . . . ?" -- was uttered everywhere I went yesterday.

  • We've got five days of early voting for the runoff races from the March primaries, and it won't take many votes to get elected. There's state races (the AG Paxton/Bush race comes to mind), a Wise County race for County Clerk, and Bridgeport will probably have the heaviest voting in the county because a county commissioner's race is going on there as well. Yesterday's first day totals:

    • There are just under 50,000 registered voters in Wise County.
    • In this runoff race, you are limited to the same party you voted for/in last March. If you didn't vote in March, you can still vote in the runoff and choose either a Republican or Democrat ballot. No one will be limited in November because of how they voted in the primaries.  
    • Did you know that in 2020 an amazing 84% of Wise County voters cast their ballot in early voting? That shattered all past records. 
  • In non-ballot news, if I had to bet who will get selected by Wise County Commissioners to fill the spot of the retiring Judge Stephen Wren for Wise County Court at Law #2, I'd go with Dana Manoushagian out of Bridgeport. 
  • Fox News' Sean Hannity really doesn't want Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnette to win tonight's primary race.  He threw everything at her last night even going so far as to complain about her attacking gays, attacking Obama, and being in the crowd of Trump Insurrectionist marching to the Capitol on January 6th -- all things which would normally be badges of honor on Fox News.

    • He doesn't think Barnette can win in the general election in November which, of course, means that a Pennsylvania critical Senate seat would go to the Democrats. The polls have tonight's Republican race tight right now. 

  • Before we forgot about them as just victims of another mass shooting in America, here are the names and faces of Buffalo.

    • And also before we leave Buffalo to the history books, Tucker Carlson wanted you to know last night that it wasn't a white nationalist racist mass murderer who did the killing but simply a poor "mentally ill shooter." Sheesh. 

  • You don't see the Tarrant County DA's office seek the death penalty all that often any longer, but they announced they would do so yesterday. 

  • Wise County missed out on a gully washer Sunday night. It basically had a mindset of "Let's find the Trinity River and go east of it."  

  • I think I saw the gas price at QuikTrip in Decatur at $4.38 this morning. They are normally the cheapest so that my be a warning of what's coming from others over the next week.
  • This California group arrested in Wise County for weed possession will finally make it to their gig tonight at Whiskey Garden off 7th Street in Fort Worth. It was cancelled last time because they were in our local hoosegow in April .

  • I didn't know that Paul McCartney's very first concert appearance in the United States after the Beatles broke up was at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth when he kicked of his Wings Over America tour in May of 1976.  I'm pretty sure my brother and one of his buddies were there. (McCartney is at Dickies Arena tonight.  Someone feel free to hook me up. I'll pay.) 

  • I haven't watch Candy yet on Hulu, but I saw that the home in Wylie which was the scene of the murder is still standing and, in fact, recently sold for "over the $344,900 asking price." (Another example, also, of real estate prices being insane.)

  • So a meme posted on Facebook leads to a recall petition against a Denton City Council member and warrants a front page story in the Denton Record Chronicle? I don't get it. (And I'll admit to not being familiar with this "popular meme.")

  • Nerdy Political Tarrant County Criminal News: The legislature just created a new felony court which will be filled for a four year term in this November election. But because of when it was created, who goes on the ballot for that judgeship will be up to the Tarrant Republican and Democratic parties, and neither has selected their candidates yet.  But, in the interim, the Governor can appoint someone to be judge immediately, however, the local Republican Party did something a little weird: They submitted for approval some guy named Andy Porter who will already be on the ballot for a different felony court: Criminal District Court No. 4.  Why not just submit the exact same name that you will eventually choose to be the Republican nominee in November? Gov. Abbott may be asking the same thing since he has ignored them and not appointed anyone. 
  • Delkus 10 day forecast update. It was a bad miss yesterday.