Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

This was about a softball game for little girls. How weird were those rules?

  •  Election results:
    • Trump backed Dr. Oz will have to wait for mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania to be counted before he will know if he won. Obviously, if he loses there was extreme mail-in voter fraud. If he wins, everything is copacetic. (And Sean Hannity's effort two days ago to sabotage Kathy Barnette worked.)

    • The Republican nominee for Pennsylvania Governor will be a full blooded QAnon and White Christian Nationalist.  He also marched on the Capitol as a Trump Insurrectionist and was so involved in the "Fake Electors" plot that he was subpoenaed by the January 6th Committee.

    • MAGA Man Down: Madison Cawthorn lost the Republican nomination in North Carolina. Being an Insurrectionist wasn't enough to bring him down, but once he started bragging about Republican sex parties and cocaine use, the party turned on him. You can't cross that line. 

  • After a video of the incident appeared online, Coppell ISD seems to have found itself in hot water for suspending a victim of an assault for three days but the bully only for one day. And the school district deleting its Twitter account in the midst of the outrage is not a good look. 

  • A jury panel was called up to the Wise County Courthouse yesterday for a criminal case involving a Chico man, but something went wrong during jury selection and 12 people couldn't be selected.  I still haven't received the details. 
  • Twitter and Elon musk traded barbs yesterday.  I told you I didn't think this deal would ever go through, and it will never go through. 

  • As an award winning self-proclaimed political expert, let me give Beto a little advice: Get off the guns. You want to be pro-weed, pro-legalized gambling, or even pro-choice? Jump on it. But being anti-gun is not a winning issue in Texas. 

  • Two cave-ins involving sand killing kids in two different parts of the country. 

  • It could be behind a paywall, but here is McCartney's 36 song set list, a review, and some quick loading videos from his concert last night. (Nope, I didn't go. Gordon Keith on The Ticket said this morning that he bought tickets yesterday on the secondary market - sounded like Stubhub or something similar -- for $750 a ticket before fees.)
    Arriving at Dickie's Arena yesterday.

  • Delkus update. The point of this was to prove 10 day forecasts are silly and usually have some fear built into them for ratings. Such is the case here. (Although he might get lucky over the next couple of days before the cool weekend hits.)

  • This will only be relevant to people my age, by the character who played Charlene Darling of the Darling Mountain Family from the Andy Griffith Show has passed away.  It's amazing how well-written that show was (along with The Dick Van Dyke Show and Green Acres and the like) even though television was just in its early stages.  And after watching Being the Ricardos the other day, I've even got a new appreciation even for the subtleties of I Love Lucy. Compare all of those to the cringy writing and over-acting of, say, Three's Company, Happy Days, and other shows of the 1970s.

  • Even Jerry knows there's money in warehouses.

  • I like this photo on the cover of the Abilene paper today.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold