Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That's a very obscure Random Thought from April 2, 2012. The film still exists on Amazon. And there's a related Easter Egg in today's Random Thoughts. 

  • With all the storms last night, I heard, once again, people confusing a "Watch" with a "Warning." How hard is that? The terms are obvious and self explanatory. 
  • Highlights from the evening. We got a lot of rain, but nothing like the metroplex which caught a second band.  

  • Here is a sample ballot for Wise County in the upcoming election on May 7, 2022.  It includes all city and school board races and, obviously, you'll be limited to which race appear on your ballot depending on where you live. 

    • Note: There will be another election on May 24, 2022 for the run-off races not settled in the March primary (for Wise County Clerk, etc.). Why the state didn't combine the two would seem to be a good question. 
  • As of April 1st in Texas, you can now see the name of every one arrested, what their bond amount is, and the name of the judge who set the bond.  The public list maintained by the state is here. Wise County has yet to submit any information. (The database was up and running yesterday but seems to be wonky this morning.) Edit: The database is up and running and some Wise County bonds have now been submitted.
  • Of course he does.

  • Take a look of this list of names and salaries of every prosecutor in the Harris County DA's office.  You don't find a salary under six figures until page six. 

    • When I got out of law school, the thought of working in a "government job" like a prosecutor's office was unthinkable to me and my classmates. Now it's a tremendous gig and that's even before you consider the jobs have better retirement and health benefits than the private sector. It has been a monumental shift. 
  • The Supreme Court did not accept a single Fourth Amendment case this term. 
  • I'm almost surprised this doesn't happen more often. 

  • This chart was in an Atlantic article about America's workforce and used this graph taken from a recent Microsoft study of the work habits of their own employees based on keystrokes.  Historically, employees normally have two peaks of work: One in the morning and one in the afternoon after lunch. Makes sense. But now there is a new peak developing around 10:00 p.m.  The conclusion: With everyone connected via phones and home computers, there is some catch up time after dinner and when the kids are put to bed where we are catching up or dealing with recently developed issues. This ain't good. 

  • I saw these photos over the weekend of a bunch of private motorists in Dallas doing a Keystone Cops routine to try and round up a dog who had been darting onto the highway. The video is even better

  • The rarely seen curtains were put up during Wrestlemania at Jerry World.

    • Compare to . . . 

  • I don't understand this, but it goes back to my prediction that there will now be the equivalent of Super PACs funding college athletes. 

  • This is kind of interesting. The floor does seem to give way. Video.

  • "John" won the Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Tourney, barely, by hanging on despite not picking Kansas to win it all. I like it. That's my goal: Reward people for early round upsets and give them a chance even once all their final four are gone. Final standings here