Random Friday Morning Thoughts

Wise County Commissioner Kevin Burns took this picture in Decatur on 4/6/2012. No one really had an explanation as to what it was. 

  •  Do you recall the Pharr Police Department in Texas announcing back in February that they had made an arrest of a man hauling 700 gallons of meth worth $10 million? “This stemmed from a patrol officer’s attention to detail when he observed something out of the ordinary and he used our resources to further investigate. This is great policing!” the police chief told us. Well, no it wasn't. A lab report revealed it wasn't meth after all. The man spent six weeks in jail. 

  • The Tarrant County DA's run-off is heating up as more people find out that Matt "Book Banning" Krause has never tried a case before a jury.  But he's now covering for his lack of experience with deceit: 

  • The video yesterday of Republicans walking out of the Senate instead of applauding the historic confirmation of a black female to the Supreme Court is right out of 1950s Alabama. Mitt Romney stayed behind to honor Ketanji Brown Jackson. 

    • Maybe it's actually worse than the 1950s. 

  • I remember when Bassmasters actually had a tournament at White Rock Lake one time. The current conditions would add a new dimension of difficulty. 

  • Our Wise County Congressman is making headlines again. 

    • Flashback: "Trump nominated Jackson to serve as secretary of Veterans Affairs in 2018. But Jackson ultimately withdrew from consideration after allegations of misconduct emerged, including accusations he drank on the job, sexually harassed a female subordinate and casually dispensed prescription drugs. A Defense Department inspector general report released last year further alleged that Jackson belittled subordinates and took Ambien on long flights while he was on duty. Jackson has denied the allegations." But we elected him anyway. 

  • I looked at this story out of East Texas because of the headline, but the photo of county officials was more entertaining.  Does that look like a place in the piney woods where everything is on the up and up? 

    From left: County attorney Jay Garrett, county judge Jason Murray and Sheriff Ricky Smith

  • So I've heard. 

  • There's cleaning house and there's really cleaning house. 

  • As predicted, the extent of Tiger's leg injury (have you heard his doctors "considered" amputating his leg!!) was a fraud perpetrated on the golf world. And his seemingly last second decision to play the Masters now seems to be nothing more than an orchestrated plan for the purpose of hype. 

  • Time is slipping away from us that grew up with holding a newspaper. From this morning:

  • You guessed it: "Greenwell was identified through a process known as investigative genealogy, which involves uploading crime scene DNA to genealogy databases to find any genetic relatives and locate the offender through their family tree."

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 1,008 days.
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