Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The Baylor girls won the National Championship a decade ago. That's Britney Griner who now sits in a Russian jail. 

  • Something I learned yesterday after I questioned why we have two different elections, a city/school election and a run-off election from the March primary, in the same month. 
    • The reason: A primary election, and its accompanying run-off, is a "private election" while the city/school election is a "public" one. 
    • Say what? Stay with me here. 
    • So you understand the concept of a public election, but what in the heck is a "private" one? Well, the primary election is solely for the Republican Party and Democrat Party to decide who will be their nominees. Those are private political parties and they get to choose who goes on their ballot. (That's why if you want to be on the ballot on the primary, you don't file your application with any government official, you file it with the head/chairman of the party you want to be associated with.)
    • So if it is private, why is the county election office involved?  After all, that government office runs it, right? Get this:  The political parties actual contract with the county.   Yep, the Democrat Party and Republican Party actually reimburse the county for the use of the election employees and pay rent for the county voting machines. (It they wanted to, they could run their own election with their own voting machines purchased from the State and administered by people they choose. But that's expensive and a headache.)  In the last primary election in March, Wise County plans to submit bills to the Democratic and Republican parties for $12,200 each for reimbursement.
    • However, the county gets screwed on a lot of the "contract" aspect of it. Much of what they can collect is dictated by State law and, for example, they don't get reimbursed for any expenses involved in early voting for some reason. That's a big deal. Also, there's a lot of overtime pay involved, but they can't get reimbursed for overtime. 
    • So, anyway, the entire state has two elections in May which they really can't combine -- one public for city and school positions, and the run-off election which is a private affair. 
    • Thanks to Wise County Election Administrator Sabra Srader for explaining this to me. 
  • Ugh.

  • Ted Cruz on Fox News: "People go and do that [become public defenders] because their heart is with criminal defendants. Their heart is with the murderers and the criminals and that's who they're rooting for . . . . Public defenders often have a natural inclination in the direction of the criminal."

    • One of the reasons I hate the guy is because he is smarter and that. He truly knows better. But he, ever since he became a Trump sycophant, is just appealing to the most uniformed among us.  It' shameful and dishonest. 
  • A small police department south of Waco announced that a fake cop pulled over a young lady on I-35. The Star-Telegram reported that she was a Baylor student.  She called 911 even though the fake cop was "screaming at her" to get out of the car.  I suppose there are some people in life, depending on where you are from, who would have gotten out the car because of a legitimate fear that the cop would shoot them. A female Baylor student is not one of them. 

  • Speaking of Baylor, it struck me yesterday that celebrating "Hispanic culture" with a big sign that reads "FIESTA" seems just a tad bit dated. 

  • Just announced. Can't wait to see him look at the crowd with a fake look of shock on his face as if he didn't expect anyone to be there.  

  • Look who President Biden had as a guest in the Oval Office yesterday. 

    • Flashback to other recent guests: 

  • In two years, on April 8, 2024, to be exact, areas of Texas, including Dallas, will have a full solar eclipse which will last for about four minutes. We are talking total darkness.  Wise County will get dark, but not completely dark. 

  • Twitter formally announced it was working on an edit function yesterday. This is a very bad idea because . . . 

  • Can we tap the brakes on this Tiger Woods resurrection?  He had a bad car wreck with a really bad broken leg. (And let's just overlook that it happened for an unexplained reason at 7:00 in the morning.) But to say that doctors "briefly" considered amputation is the biggest bunch of crap sold on the public golf world in a long time. He is being treated like he was a quadriplegic who awoke from a six month coma and then magically rolled away the stone from this hospital room while simultaneously carrying his golf bag.  It was a one-vehicle car wreck in a brand new car with all the modern safety features. And it wasn't even that bad of a wreck at that as the passenger compartment was completely intact and all the air bags deployed. He then had the very best doctors, the very best rehab people, and all the time and the money in the world to recuperate. And the question now is whether he has the endurance to walk 18 holes while someone else carries his golf bag. Give me a break. There's some guy out there going to work this morning as a roofer with chronic back pain who is overcoming more hardship.   #RantOver (I honestly don't know why this irks me so much.)

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