Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Lancaster tornado anniversary was yesterday

  • Updated standings: I think John wins it all regardless of a Kansas victory, predicted by second place Mike, tonight. The tricked up scoring system will only reward Mike with 10 points if he is right. Full standings here.

  • Good luck avoiding a mass shootings this weekend.
    • Sacramento.

    • Dallas.

  • Fox4Terry was hard at it last night. This was actually the ramp in North Fort Worth that goes from northbound I-35 to 287 for Decatur. It happened around 2:00 in the morning. That's a tow truck and a car. Two are dead. 

  • Saturday night in Southlake: Hit and run on service road of 114 and Kirkwood. Victim of accident pursues vehicle. Loses him. But then thinks he's found him as he sees a couple exit a vehicle parked in a driveway.  Couple is approached. A fight ensues and shots fired.  The car in the driveway turned out not to be the car involved in the accident. 

  • I've told you: They are everywhere.


  • I find it interesting that the Medical Examiner, when no longer working as the Medical Examiner, is now freely issuing an opinion of, "I couldn't possibly tell you that." (Paraphrased.) In this case, he knocked down the "time of death" theory which has been part of criminal justice lore for hears.  

    • But just think what happen: A lady was indicted for capital murder and now the State just dismisses the case and says, "Sorry. Our bad." 
  • Legal as of last Friday. How long will Texas hold out?:

  • Texas is doing it's best to cause a teacher shortage

  • That took $2.89 billion to get that done. This is all because he got mad at the company last week. 

  • Fun fact: Alaska has such a small population (731,000 -- less than the City of Fort Worth) that it only gets one representative in the House. 

  • Dateline Denton. That's one way to encourage people to drive drunk. If you pull over and try to be safe, you'll get arrested.  Edit: I screwed this one up. That was literally "on" I-35 and not "alongside" I-35.

  • I never thought I would see a party of "conservatives" champion the government sanctioning private companies for political stances. But that's where we are. 

  • For the life of me, I don't understand the attraction at all. I mean, at all.


  • A fantastic history podcast for dummies (like me) which I just discovered: American History Tellers. The episodes on famous Supreme Court cases are tremendous.