Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The post from 1/16/12 was too long to reprint, but it said that Fort Worth cops got into a vehicle chase with a guy who headed towards Wise County on 287.  Once stopped, he got out but "lunged" towards the vehicle and one officer fired. The suspect later died. But not from the gunshot. He wasn't hit. He just collapsed in the patrol car and died from what the ME called "METHAMPHETAMINE INTOXICATION Due to: INCAUTIOUS CONSUMPTION OF TOXIC DRUG." He was identified as a 24 year old man from Newark. 

  • Numbers:
    • Seven day average of new cases:

    • Current hospitalizations

  • Get your free COVID home testing kits here. (Warning: Since they are free from the government, you may become a Socialist by placing your order.)
  • Liberally Lean Guaranteed Weather Center Alert: The temperature will rise until about 11:45 today when it will top out at 50 degrees. From there, it will begin to drop.  It'll be 39 degrees by 6:00 p.m., and then will hit a low of 22 degrees overnight. Tomorrow we will barely crack freezing with a high of 33 degrees.  Book it. 
  • This is a long article which is the product of a year long investigation by the Marshall Project and distributed by newspapers nationwide yesterday, including the Dallas Morning News. It has Wise County ties and focuses on a particular Parker County murder case. (To be clear, "lying" during an investigation is both legal and common, and the article doesn't claim otherwise.)

  • I think I mentioned Crosby, Texas for the first time ever yesterday, and now I see this

  • The January 6th Commission has subpoenaed the three most deceitful lawyers in the country:

    • This is really all coming together. Stay with me here.
    • One of the craziest parts of the attempt to overthrow the election was done in plain sight. An election, since our nation's founding, has been carried out without a hitch by the formality of a two part process no one really pays attention to: As part of the Electoral College process: (1) Governors are required to sign a formal "certificate of ascertainment," verifying that the statewide winner's slate of electors are the legitimate electors, and (2) Those electors then individually sign a second certificate, formally affirming their votes for president. 
    • Both the Governors' certificate and the corresponding Elector's certificate are sent directly to the National Archives (that was news to me) which will then make them available every four years on January 6th for the Vice President to do the only thing the Constitution allows him to do: Count them.
    • The National Archives makes the Certificates viewable by the public here.
    • Here they are being taken to the Senate Chambers on January 6th of last year:

    • But here's the shocking part: The Trump group sent a slate of fake elector Certificates to the National Archives. They were fake in that no single State authorized them. Here are those fake certificates for all to see. These are the ones Trump wanted Mike Pence to use an an excuse not to count the real elector certificates on January 6th. 
    • And Trump wanted the mob in D.C. on January 6th to make it happen. 

    • The fake electors plot was the brainchild of lawyer John Eastman who appeared on stage on January 6th with Giuliani. This was the "Trial by Combat" speech. 

    • Then Trump took the stage and told the crowd to march to the Capitol because Mike Pence was not going to follow their plot. This is directly from Trump's speech where he tells them that Pence will fail them: 

    • Pence, in fact, wouldn't follow the plot and he released a statement during Trump's speech at 12:02 P.M. EST saying he would count the real electors votes later that day.
    • The crowd riots with shouts of "Hang Mike Pence" and the real electoral votes are ushered to safety.
  • This video is pretty entertaining. A 12 year old girl [Edit: Turns out she is 18] confronted Rep. Dan Crenshaw on a statement he once made which could be interpreted as saying Jesus was a fictional hero.  He then went after her. The crowd then went after him. "The crowd erupted in a chorus of boos, shouts of 'wow,' 'you moron,' and other heckling. 'Don’t talk to a kid like that, jerk,' one man yelled."

  • Bastrop State Park seems to catch fire a lot. 

    • Flashback to Bastrop Park in 2011:

  • All the Justices on the Supreme Court having been wearing masks during oral argument except Gorsuch who refuses to. Now we have a judge fight

  • Gary Patterson was in Austin last night at the UT basketball game wearing a Longhorn shirt and talking to the school's athletic director (who just happens to be his former AD at TCU.) After the photo came out, it was announced later that night that he has been hired as a "special assistant to the head coach."

  • The Big 12 continues to say it will not let OU and UT leave for the SEC until current contract allows it in 2025.  They now have plans for the 2023 and 2024 season to be played with both schools as well as the new four members of Houston, UCF, Cincinnati, and BYU.

  • They are pretty much the same guy. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold (link fixed)