Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Things have changed in 10 years.   

  • It's an official holiday, but THWMISB™ is here.
  • Let's start with the Cowboys.
    • It should not have come down to it, but that was the dumbest final play call in the history of ever. With 14 seconds left and no timeouts, you no sane person would even consider running the ball. From the second Dak took off, I was yelling, "No! No! No!"
    • The Umpire had to set and mark the ball after the run (that's the rule because you can't let the offense mark it because they'd cheat), so a run play puts you at the mercy of where he is. And, in this case, he wasn't nearby.

    • As shown by the number of penalties yesterday (14), the Cowboys are a really dumb team. 
    • Speaking of dumb. Oh, that stadium.

    • Sad girl with 4 minutes left. Video is even better.

    • Sad couple.

    • You've probably seen the video of the crowd running after purchasing their "standing room only", aka "Party Pass", ticket.  The tickets were going for $167 on Stubhub before the game. 

    • The Cowboys misspelled their starting linebacker's name on his jersey. 
      Screenshot from Nickelodeon

    • How weird is it that an NFC wild card game, especially involving the Cowboys, is broadcast on CBS instead of Fox? Old man me doesn't like it. 
    • I guess I just have a gift. Criminal law expert, political prognostication expert, weather expert, and sports expert. Me from last Thursday:
  • It's not perfect, but probably the best video of the ending of the hostage situation at the synagogue in Colleyville on Saturday was obtained by WFAA. It's here. (The hostage-taker's "sister", who he wanted to be released from a federal prison in Fort Worth, has a fascinating Wikipedia page.)

  • The eruption of the underwater volcano near Tonga on Saturday was wild. Waves were felt literally thousands of miles away -- including causing some rivers in California to flow backwards. Here's a great collection of videos of its impact on the U.S. 

  • Did you know that a Commissioner's Court --which isn't a court at all -- has subpoena power? I had never heard of it but apparently it does, although they can only enforce it with the threat of a  $25 fine for ignoring it.   This subject came up in this wild and fun story out of Hood County:

  • Elon Musk is a bad guy as this story from the Wall Street Journal exemplifies. (That associate might be sitting pretty.  That law firm, if it values money over people like most do, would probably be willing to secure the associate a cushy job at another firm as well as write him a fat severance check to go away.)

  • Trump was going all White Power this weekend. (At least he's not hiding it anymore.)

  • DirectTV will remove the propaganda network, OANN.

  • Quite the contrast is bullet points about a trip to Manhattan:
    • I was prepared to say how great Twitter can be when someone with a lot of followers asks for suggestions for a proposed trip like The Ticket's Bob Sturm did on Friday night.  The tips that come in are great. It made me want to plan a trip Manhattan.

    • Then I turned around and saw this. 

  • Here's the Texas COVID numbers if you want them. They haven't been updated in a couple of days. I'm guessing they will peak this week.