Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

After a couple of primaries, Rick Perry gave up his presidential hopes this week 10 years ago. That left only Newt Gingrich to challenge Mitt Romney in the fight to prevent President Obama's second term.    

  • Texas numbers:
    • Cases:

    • Hospitalizations:

  • Reporter hit by car. She's fine and kept going. Video.

  • President Biden press conference review:

    • Positive: He went for almost two hours yesterday which was longer than any held by Trump (1 hour, 26 minutes) or Obama (1 hour, 27 minutes).
    • The negative: The Ukraine comments which are in the headlines.
      • The comment under examination:  "It's one thing if it's a minor incursion [by Russia] and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do."
      • The reaction: What's a "minor incursion" that we won't care about? And did that just give the go ahead to Russia?
      • The scramble: The White House had to immediately release a statement afterwards saying there is no such thing as a "minor incursion" if it involves troops.

      • The reality: It's never a good look to have to fix a statement.
      • The real reality:  We are never going to war with Russia over Ukraine. Nor should we.
      • Edit: Sheesh. There was just another official "clean up" issued about whether the 2022 elections will be "legitimate."
  • This was from the official clerk of the Texas Supreme Court yesterday. (But it really doesn't explain the exact scam that was going on.)

  • Texas campaign reports were released yesterday. One single oil man from Midland gave Gov. Abbott $650.000.  In what democracy does this make sense?

  • Yesterday evening, the Supreme Court, over Trump's objection, allowed the National Archives to release its January 6th documents. Only Justice Thomas, as he always does, sided with Trump. 

  • We had Supreme Court silliness earlier. Three justices took the time to issue statements about the report that there was a spat between Sotomayor and Gorsuch. 
    • The first statement: 

    • The press reaction was that the report never said that Justice Sotomayor asked Gorsuch. The report was that it was Roberts who asked Goruch:

    • So another statement comes out, this time from Roberts:

    • I'm old enough to remember when the Supreme Court could not care less about what the press said about them. 
  • If you haven't noticed, BagOfNothing.com is backed to regular posting. Some have been a little different. 
  • Mark Cuban prediction from 2014: "I think the NFL is 10 years away from implosion . . . . pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And [it’s] getting hoggy.”

    • The reality:

    • The numbers are really insane. The top 10 games:

  • Compare and contrast.
  • We hear lots about school board chaos and angry audiences, but in Wichita Falls it is about, uh, mascots (that's even former state senator Craig Estes pictured below) . . .