Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

We may be in a drought right now, but this was the view in Haltom City exactly 10 years ago, right down to the moment of 8:36 a.m. It had rained hard all over North Texas all night long. 

  •  Numbers:
    • Cases continue to trend down. 

    • Little dip in hospitalizations.

  • This is a wild video.  
    • That story has a pretty good Wise County connection. The Chief of Police is Bridgeport's own and WCSO alum J.T. Manoushagian (who does a really good job in front of the cameras), and former WCSO Deputy James O'Bannon can be heard on the video saying, “Probably shouldn’t have run. A lot of people think we can’t chase motorcycles. That’s wrong. We can and we will. Welcome to Lake Worth.”

  • Yesterday, the President said under his breath that a Fox News reporter was a stupid s.o.b. 

      • Debate Point: See, he's just like Trump (who called the entire media the "Enemy of the State.")
      • Counter-Point:

  • This story seems very suspicious. And the chances of the State proving beyond a reasonable doubt that she wasn't just kidding are minimal at best. I'm guessing the prosecutor rejects the case. (The story says the lady offered the stranger $250,000 in the self check-out line, and then "allegedly waited in the parking lot and screamed at her that the offer was now $500,000.")

  • I think this story is weird. A fire just happens to break out in a parking garage at 4:00 in the morning, burns nine cars, kills a tow truck driver, and cops are calling it an accident? 

  • I thought this was pretty big SAT news this morning, but then I read that 80% of four year colleges will not require it at all for this Fall. 

  • You know this video is 100% staged, right? You're first clue should have been that no other skiers were around. 

  • Bar exam prep course for the law of Criminal Procedure.  This tip is 100% spot on. 

  • This is actually pretty good: Laura Ingraham doing her impression of Kate McKinnon doing an impression of Laura Ingraham.  Video.

  • NFL overtime rules unfair? The number crunchers are on it:

  • Collin County College fired a professor over a personal tweet. You can't do that when you are the government. The school just agreed to pay her $70,000.

  • I think everyone would understand NFTs if they were properly named: Digital Beanie Babies.