Random Monday Morning Thoughts

This was a Decatur school bus "on Heritage Creek Road, about one mile north of County Road 4421." No one was injured. It took eight weeks to repair the bridge.

  • Most recent numbers:
    • Probably on our way down, but we've got a long way to go:

    • Hospitalizations should peak this week or next:

  • We aren't going to war with Russia over Ukraine, we were never considering doing so, and the American people don't want to do it either. Nothing has changed. 

  • The guy who is charge of deciding on Open Records Requests doesn't like your Open Records Requests to him.  (How weird was it that he was there on January 6th anyway?)

  • A weekend of bad news for officer deaths.
    Houston shooting

    New York shooting

    Car crash on the border

    Houston, again. Standing next to motorcycle. 

  • Count the red flags from yesterday. This is the place visible off the highway between Aledo and Fort Worth. 

  • When I saw the news of two men being found shot yesterday in the parking lot of a Taco Bell in Fort Worth, I figured it happened in the middle of the night. Nope, it was in the middle of the afternoon in an area of town that doesn't look that bad. One has died. 

  • This was Friday news.  So why not release the confession or, at the very least, quote it?

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger got in a pretty big wreck on Friday.

  • The Four Seasons in Los Colinas will no longer be the Four Seasons. 

  • 49th Anniversary yesterday of LBJ's sudden death and Roe v. Wade. Pretty big news day.

    • Speaking of Roe, it constitutionality doesn't hinge on its popularity, but this Fox News poll is interesting. 

  • There is an option on Amazon to "Request My Data" but do they really keep all the audio recordings of your Alexa requests and send them to you?

  • Say what?

  • I actually managed to watch the fourth quarter of every single NFL game this weekend. Everyone is saying it is the greatest playoff weekend in history, and they ain't wrong. Side note: 

  • Thanks so much to the people who reached out to me on Friday about my court appointed lady in jail. I had people offering to bail her out and others sending me legal motions they had used in similar situations (quality ones at that.)  Also credit to someone who in the County Attorney's Office who was bending over backwards and making calls during her lunch hour.