Random Friday Morning Thoughts

So 10 years later, is Apple still doing well? Yep, the quarterly report released yesterday
showed net income of $34.6 billion. That's "net" income.  And that's incredible. (Exxon's record was $14.8 billion set in 2008. In the last 10 years, Apple has now surpassed that in seven different quarters.)

  • Told ya.

  • Three cops were shot in Houston yesterday afternoon, but their injuries somehow seem to be minor. Here is probably the best video of the incident. 

  • Man, that's a lot of money donated in the Tarrant County DA's race.

    • Matt Krause: $545,900. Phil Sorrells: $495,000. Mollee Westfall: $137,000.
    • But get this: One guy makes up 62% ($308,500) of all of Matt Krause's donations. That would be Mayes Middleton -- a Texas legislator out of the Galveston area. That's very weird. 

    • The Republican nominee will almost certainly win the November election despite all the hubbub of "Tarrant County has turned blue." It's getting close, but it's not there yet when it comes to county-wide offices. 
    • But Krause is the only one of the three who could possibly be beaten by a Democratic opponent. First, he's 100% unqualified in that he's never tried a criminal case to a jury. And, more importantly, he is the guy who started the current Book Banning craze across the state. Once the Tarrant County populace figures this out, a Democratic opponent would give him a run for "his money." 

  • I just realized they still haven't caught the kid. Headline from today:

  • Anyone watch Fox 4 News last night at 9:00? Steve Eager announced they were having "really bad technical issues" -- so bad that they had to go completely off the air for at least five minutes. They couldn't even go to a commercial. They had to show the Internet feed of something called "Livenow" from the national Fox. 

  • Ten were injured in a bridge collapse this morning in Pittsburgh.  Coincidentally, President Biden is scheduled to be in the city later today to talk about, you guessed it, infrastructure. 

  • Basically all we know is what is in the headline yesterday afternoon. 

  • We've got enough problems without having to make 'em up.

  • Was the call "perfect"?

  • Now another group has bought a bunch of small papers. What's going on out there?

  • Jacksboro's head coach and AD is leaving for Sundown, Texas (pop. 1,397).

  • Let me tell you, for a private school where the school paper does not have First Amendment rights, this is pretty bold for the Baylor Lariat. That's even the president's name at the top of the report card graphic. The actual opinion piece is harsher: "Baylor administration, your message is clear . . . you have demonstrated an utter disregard for the health and academic success of your students and faculty."

    • Old-timers will remember when the same school paper criticized the Baylor administration for threatening to expel any student who appeared in Playboy's "The Girls of the Southwest Conference" issue. The president, in response to the paper's editorial, shut down the paper for three weeks and revoked journalism scholarships. The staff then resigned in protest. 

  • This was a  pretty amazing marketing strategy back in the day. "Call us from anywhere in the world and we'll help you find something to watch." 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 938 days.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold