Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

And I was able to find out what happened to the girls. Both got 20 year prison sentences and both are still locked up. (Here and here.) Oddly, both girls just showed up at the Dallas PD the next day to tell the cops what happened. If they tried to justify their actions, they must not have done a 
very good job of it.  

  • I'm now interested in the speed of the fall. 

  • Justice Breyer will retire from the Supreme Court. One of these ladies will replace him. 

    • What? Limiting your choice to a black female? Last night Sean Hannity said that was "divisive" and "illegal." 

    • Flashback 1980: Ronald Reagan, while a candidate, also promised to make his first pick a woman. And it wasn't some off-handed comment. He even called a special press conference less than one month before the election to announce it. (He was afraid he wasn't appealing enough to women voters.)

  • If this Facebook post is correct, we've got a big brouhaha in Paradise ISD about the resignation of a long-time Ag teacher. (Thanks to the faithful reader for the tip.)
  • Clay County seems fun. You may remember its Sheriff, who was affiliated with the Oath Keepers, was indicted for keeping a couple in jail too long.  The Sheriff, in a tortured and convoluted press conference, tried to blame the Justice of the Peace. Now some guy in Clay County decided to haul off and file his own lawsuit to have the JP removed.  District Judge Jack McGaughey killed the lawsuit on the spot without the JP even having to do a thing. 

  • The most prominent appellate lawyer in the Dallas D.A.'s office announced his resignation yesterday on Twitter and highlighted his career by pointing out cases he handled, including the Amber Guyger appeal.  He's a smart guy. But you know where he is going? He's joining the Barbieri Law Firm in Plano. That's the firm which allegedly charged the lottery winning mother in Wichita Falls the amount of $400,000 to represent her son, and then made the decision to do absolutely nothing at trial -- and I mean nothing -- resulting in two life sentences. 

    • The plan of getting the case reversed on appeal didn't work. The convictions were affirmed on appeal by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. An appeal to the court of last resort, which doesn't have to take it, was due yesterday. (A different lawyer is handling the appeal.)
  • KingdomLife Church in Frisco got my attention last year when it made national news when its pastor, Brandon Burden, went into Christian White Nationalist mode and prepared his congregation for a civil war. And this occurred on the first Sunday after the January 6th Insurrection.

    • Well, he's back in the news and on the front page of the Denton Record Chronicle. He's become a Republican Precinct Chair and led an attempted ouster of the Denton County Republican Chair who just happens to be female. 

    • Church sure has changed. He preached to his congregation, in Christian love no doubt, that she was a "Jezebel": 

  • Legal nerdy stuff: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has three times released opinions which concerned video evidence admitted at trial where the court actually uploaded the video files in question for all to see. One of those times was yesterday when they considered the appropriateness of the State's computer animation of vehicle running over another person. The exhibits, three of them, can be seen here.

    • You think criminal defense is hard? It is. And one of the reasons is that you are going up against the State which has all the money in the world to hire someone to create things like computer animation.  The person they are after normally does not. 
  • I think this is interesting: Some company called CherryRoad Media is buying up smaller town newspapers in Texas. It just bought the papers in Sherman, Waxahachie, Stephenville, Brownwood and Alice. 

  • Funny.

  • It was announced yesterday "that the I-35 project through Waco is set to be completed early next year -- two years ahead of schedule!" I've heard getting through Waco is beat down.