Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago to the day four very little children were killed in Bay City, Texas. Remember it? 

  • Another day in America where you send your kids to school and they die. This time in Michigan. Will we remember this one?   

    • Watch this video if you haven't seen it. 

    • And the dead have names and faces.
      17 year old Madisyn Baldwin

      16 year old Tate Myre

      14 year old Hana St. Juliana

  • It almost seems wrong to write about anything else. 
  • The Update has story about a murder in Boyd last night.
  • The Ghislaine Maxwell trial got started off with a bang. 

  • There was a heck of a Republican fight between the Jewish Space Laser representative and a South Carolina representative yesterday.

  • Despite what you will hear, we'll learn very little in oral arguments today in the Mississippi abortion case.

  • I'm not saying that it's the beginning of a Winter Surge, but it could be the beginning of a Winter Surge. 

  • A couple of facts have been revealed in the case of the alleged drunk driving death which killed an off duty police office in Lake Worth.  According to an affidavit obtained by the Star-Telegram, the driver submitted to a breath test that came back at 0.144, and he "arrived at 11 a.m. Saturday at Fuzzy’s and began drinking, and left about 1 p.m."

  • I can't believe the Elizabeth Holmes trial is still going on -- she's been testifying this week -- and we learned this is an example of how she would write out her schedule. If your schedule is so packed, that seems like a lot of time wasted in writing it all out. (She actually says this was proof of the demands her boyfriend put upon her as he controlled and manipulated her.)

  • Another prosecutor story. "When one woman broke off a relationship with him, he subpoenaed her phone 33 times over two years, according to the indictment. She repeatedly told him to leave her alone, but he persisted." Yep, he was using grand jury subpoenas to spy on his past flings.

  • In this day of college coach turnover, it drives me nuts when people don't understand the term "buyout." Here we go: If a coach decides to leave before his contract ends, his contract "buyout clause", if there is one, will obligated the coach to pay the school a set amount of money (although the tab is often picked up by his new school.)  But if it is the school who fires the coach without cause (almost always the case), he is owed ever dime still left on the contract. Here's an example of a buyout paragraph: 

    • Some people get it absolutely backwards and say, "If there is no buyout clause then he gets no money if they fire him." Nope. If he gets fired, he gets all the money due him.  
  • The revised Big 12 will be on display this weekend in two championship games. 

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