Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I stand by that.   

  • I still can't get over that Lubbock shooting video I posted yesterday. And I've learned a wild twist: The shooter, at the time of the killing, was married to sitting district judge. Their divorce was finalized two weeks after the incident:

  • State Rep. David Spiller of Jacksboro has an opponent and, get this, he was arrested in April for taking part in the Trump Insurrection! He lives in Forestburg. He also deserves to receive zero votes. 

  • Since self-defense is a big player in the news these days, here is an interesting case out of McKinney. The jury rejected self-defense but she got a victory anyway in that they acquitted her of murder, found her guilty of just manslaughter, and then gave her probation. (It's a good thing they acquitted her of murder -- a jury can't give probation for that offense.) The deceased was a football star at Abilene Christian. Toby Shook was the defense lawyer. 

  • But those that shared that viral story last week told me they did their own research online.
  • LSU stole Notre Dame's Brian Kelly last night. This is amazing. Despite there being a very real possibility that Notre Dame is in the four team playoff less than one week from today, their coach has bolted. Insanity. 
    • There are some reports that Kelly will get $15 million a year. I'd tap the brakes on that. But I bet it's in the $10 to $12 million range.
    • An actual sentence from a 1982 Sport's Illustrated story about Texas A&M hiring head coach Jackie Sherrill: "Six days earlier, the 38-year-old Sherrill had stunned the college football world by signing a six-year contract with the Aggies for—hold on, folks—$267,000 a year, a total of $1,602,000. That makes him far and away the highest-paid college coach in the land." That was true. The highest paid coach ever. 
    • Speaking of old Aggies, former coach R.C. Slocum is doing a good job battling cancer. He "rang the bell" at Baylor's Scott and White.

  • OU quick hits:
    • The last picture of Lincoln Riley ever on the field as an Oklahoma Sooner:

    • Dude! TCU, Baylor, OSU, Tech, et. al. had to find out OU and Texas were leaving the Big 12 by reading the Houston Chronicle.

  • More coaching news this morning: Texas Tech's Offensive Coordinator Sonnie Cumbie is headed to Louisiana Tech as head coach.
  • Briefly last night:

  • I watched a short documentary on Amazon which I knew nothing about: The Bombing of Wall Street in 1920. I love learning about stuff like that. 

  • Rare baseball bullet point: "At 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 1, baseball's current collective bargaining agreement will expire. If no agreement is reached, we will have a lockout." I think we are going to have a lockout. Fun fact: They are meeting in Irving right now. 
  • The Wise County Messenger is running a deal for $20 a year which is both print and online. Buy it. Support local media.