Random Monday Morning Thoughts

There needs to be a documentary about this. She was convicted by a jury and then cut a deal instead of having the jury or the judge assess punishment. (She faced possible prison time.) She was then later found* "actually innocent" on the charges, and sued the prosecutors for malicious prosecution. They escaped because of immunity law. Amazingly, her lawsuit against Collin County is still alive after a Motion to Dismiss was denied at the district court level in May of this year. I suppose that is now on appeal. She got her law license back and tried to run for judge in 2019 but got kicked off the ballot by the Republican chair for a very technical reason. (*Nerdy stuff: I haven't confirmed it, but I bet she waived her right to appeal as part of the plea agreement, but the agreement failed to say she couldn't raise an actual innocence claim by a writ -- assuming it can be waived.)

  • This video out of Lubbock is one of the most horrific things I've ever watched (and I urge caution before you decide to click on it.)  And I think the self-defense claim is a reach. From the moment he went and got the gun, it feels like he intended to kill the man.   Another shocking aspect of the video is just how everyone reacts so casually as a guy lays dead on a porch. Story

  • Good grief

  • An off-duty Euless detective was killed by an alleged drunk driver in Lake Worth on Saturday afternoon. There's a connection to Fuzzy's restaurant (but not the one in Decatur). 

    • I mentioned the former Bridgeport resident and current  Lake Worth PD chief on Friday. Little did I know he had to deal with that the next day. 

  • This wreck on Stemmons Freeway on Saturday injured a Dallas deputy. That's a heck of an impact. 

  • I said on Friday that the new COVID variant would be named "Nu."  Well, it was supposed to be until the World Health Organization thought that people would confuse "Nu" with "New". The next name up, "Xi" just happens to also be than name of a certain Chinese man. So it got named Omicron.
  • Matthew McConaughey says he will not run for Texas governor. It would have been a good bit. 
  • Rep. Louis Gohmert may be the dumbest man in East Texas, but Wise County's representative comes close. Jackson is, somehow, a doctor. 

  • Legal stuff this week: (1) Arguments in a Mississippi case targeting  Roe v. Wade is in the Supreme Court on Wednesday, (2) Jury selection begins toay in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial in New York City, and (3) jury selection also begins for the trial for Minneapolis female cop who killed the guy when she mistook her gun for her taser in April of this year. That's taser case got to trial quickly.

  • Lincoln Riley leaving OU for USC is about as shocking of football news as I can remember. 

    • And some speculate that he was bolting because he wasn't a fan of OU going to the SEC. I scoffed at that at first, but then I saw some takes like the one below. That guy's right. Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Aggie, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Texas, and OU can't all be winners when they are in the same conference. 

    • Within hours of Riley's announcement, OU's top running back recruittop QB recruit, and top WR recruit decommitted. Earlier in the afternoon, this guy saw it coming: 

  • I don't know how anyone thinks the NFL can compare to college football.  Saturday I watched Baylor escape Tech in a bizarre and wildly entertaining game, Alabama and Auburn go to 4 OTs, Oklahoma State hang on to dear life against an OU miracle drive, and even SFA and Incarnate Word going to overtime in a playoff game. It was all glorious. And I just saw the highlights of Aggie/LSU and only parts of Michigan and Ohio State. 
    When Alabama tied it up in regulation.
    After Michigan's win. 

  • The Star-Telegram has started a new thing every Sunday . . .