Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Baylor beat Texas ten years ago this week, 48-24. I was giddy. But I had forgotten about this photo of Mack Brown and RG3 meeting.   

  • Texas hospitalizations: It could be a blip, but I'm just about ready to call it the beginning of a Winter Surge. We've had five straight days of increases. We've not seen that since August.

  • Add another student has died in the mass shooting at the Michigan high school: Justin Shilling, 17.  

  • I saw the headline earlier yesterday morning about the cop shooting the guy in the wheelchair but decided not to post it. Why? Because I thought "Oh, there has to be something more to it -- he had to be pointing a gun at the cop or something." Nope. The cop unloaded nine shots into a guy in a motorized wheelchair as he was going into Lowe's.  Unedited video here. Graphic. 

    • Sometimes lawyers just need to shut up. (Yes, including me.) 

  • I didn't think you would be able to tell much from the Supreme Court abortion arguments yesterday, but people smarter than me sure think Roe v. Wade is doomed. It is absolutely amazing to me that, if it happens, it can 100% be attributable to Trump. And to think Ruth Bader Ginsberg's died less than two months before the election.  

  • Oh, my.  It was a bond reduction hearing via Zoom and the judge's screen was turned off.  The court coordinator's voice could clearly be heard. The bond was reduced from $100,000 for $25,000. The judge now claims she was actually on a speaker phone and communicating with the coordinator but no one on the Zoom hearing heard her.

  • One of the dumbest laws passed by the Texas legislature regulating the speech of a private company has already been struck down. And it will never survive any appeal because it is so bad. This isn't even close.  (Order here.)


    • "Once said?" He should always be saying it, because he's right.  Specifically, Twitter's not restricted ("bound") by it, but the company is certainly protected by it.  

  • I don't want to defend Trump, but there does seem to be a pretty big sentence overlooked by those reporting on the Guardian story about him testing "positive for Covid-19 three days before his first debate against Joe Biden." Sure he probably had COVID before the Tuesday debate (9/29/20) since he was hospitalized on the following Friday (10/2/21), but at least Trump could claim there was a second negative test before that debate -- depending on what "shortly after" means.

  • Ross Perot Jr. gave the Dallas PD a helicopter yesterday.  I hadn't seen him in years, and it reminded me of how we are all getting older. 


  • My morning radio show was struggling with the use of Mrs., Miss, and Ms. this morning.  I can't tell you the last time I've used "Mrs." or "Miss" in a formal letter. 
  • It's 90 days until the Texas primary. 
  • "CARLISLE, Iowa — A 17-year-old Carlisle High School basketball player is facing a felony Willful Injury charge after punching a Nevada player following a game Tuesday night." Video. It's pretty bad. 

  • College football preview for next year: Alabama comes to UT for the second game of the season. 
  • I had never heard of lawyer Thomas J. Henry before two months ago, but he has covered DFW in ads since then. He's spent a fortune, and they are pretty slick. I would think that would make guys like Ben Abbott rethink their strategy of doing bits in their commercials. 
    • Edit: A faithful reader just sent me a link where Thomas J. Henry once threw his son a $4 million birthday party. That comes on the heels, according to the story, of spending $6 million on his daughter Maya's quinceañera. Good lord.