Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Still one on my favorite entries I saw while looking at the "guestbook" at the Wise County Courthouse. The person's comment was "TO FIND Hope, help, & the Constitution?" With the bonus information being that the person wasn't able to put the time of his/her visit because "? no watch." 

  • Well, it's something at least.  Right before midnight last night, the legislature -- moving at lightning speed -- voted to allow the homestead exemption for property taxes to increase. I thought that would be more than $176 in savings, however. 

  • Yesterday, I mentioned that there was an Amtrak wreck in Oklahoma involving a trailer full of cars. I had no idea there was a video. Oh, my!

  • I've heard, but not confirmed, that the case was moved to Jacksboro after a hearing was held on Friday. (This is the murder case outside of the tanning salon in Decatur.)

  • From yesterday's Update. Maybe I'm missing something.


  • We haven't heard much about the victims, have we? I scanned the Ohio newspapers (that's where the missionary group is based out of) and didn't really even see any coverage about it. 

  • Dennis Prager has COVID.  Don't worry, the psuedo-intellectual told us yesterday he intentionally got COVID so he could build up his immune system in order not to get COVID. Really. 

  • Funny column describing Tony Romo's weird broadcast on Sunday's Cowboys game especially after a segment ran about cancer patients receiving a day of pampering at Gillette Stadium.

  • Yesterday, Trump sued to prevent the Select Committee investigating the January 6th Insurrection. Why did he do it? The National Archives wrote him and told him the documents he didn't want released would, in fact, be released on November 12th unless a court stops it.  

  • I think that is a strange hill to die on -- not literally, I hope -- especially when it costs you $3 million a year. 

  • So Cumulus launched this radio show to replace Rush Limbaugh's old show, it's been a huge success, and now the host now makes this threat? No way. This is a publicity stunt (which is working.) 

  • I didn't realize that Tarrant County voters will decide whether to give the DA's office its own building at a cost of $116 million

  • I hate all BBQ talk, and especially hate it when someone refers to it as "cue." Texas Monthly released its list of top Texas spots yesterday which I won't look at. 

  • Both Texas and Baylor are open this week before facing on October 30th.  It will be the fifth straight game that UT has had an 11:00 a.m. kickoff. What's up with that? And Kansas gets the prime time gig?

  • Forgot to mention yesterday about the three guys being tried this week in state court in Georgia for the murder of  Ahmaud Arbery: Why in the world are the three men being tried together in one trial? That's a disastrous prosecution decision.