Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Ten years ago this week this blog was full of World Series posts.  This GIF was in one of them. The play, which is still amazing, happened in the 5th Inning of  Game 2 of the World Series against St. Louis. The Rangers won 2-1.  


  •  The Update lists that the services for "Alexius Mills, 29, and Dexter Mills of Bedford are pending at Hawkins Funeral Home in Boyd." She was killed by an alleged intoxicated driver last weekend in Arlington that had heavy media coverage. I'm pretty sure that Dexter is the name of the child who was delivered but died after the incident. 

  • After four years of Congressional subpoenas being ignored, is there any reason people are also ignoring summons for local jury service?

  • This plane crash on takeoff near Houston happened yesterday morning. "DPS officials said 21 people were on board and all made it out safe. One person was sent to the hospital with back injuries." They were headed to the Astros/Red Sox came in Boston. 

  • I'm nitpicking, but Texas still calls it "DWI" instead of "DUI."

  • Just when exactly did Ted Cruz completely lose any sense of statesmanship and dignity?

    • Never mind. 

  • Speaking of, I try to avoid Trump but this was really something yesterday. "[B]ut anyway," apparently, there is no bottom.  

  • President Biden's disapproval rating has now cracked 50%.

  • Attempted presidential assassin John Hinckley joined Twitter yesterday. (Anyone else scared about the abnormal is becoming the norm?) Yep, that's him

  • I had to jump start a car yesterday. These days the tricky part is finding the connections which aren't even near the battery (which might be anywhere.) Thank goodness for Youtube.
  • Weird image thread: 
    • This Dallas house really goes over the top.

    • I'm not sure what's going on with a statue of Harambe being strategically placed where it stares at the Raging Bull on Wall Street now surrounded by a bunch of bananas, but I kind of like it. 

    • This is really Trump's old lawyer, Michael Cohen, and Kanye West, wearing a mask, in Manhattan on Tuesday.

  • ESPN introduced a pretty simple, but really cool and badly needed graphic in its Monday night game to help determine if a first down occurred.

  • I'm two episodes into Showtime's Buried about the "repressed memory" murder trial, and I'm already screaming at the screen. And it's great. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold.