Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Hadn't thought about this since I wrote the bullet point. Link here.   

  • Breaking: Colin Powell, 84, has died of COVID. And fully vaccinated? Yep, it can still happen (especially when battling multiple myeloma.)

    • His weapons of mass destruction position before the U.N. in 2003 is an ugly stain, but his heart was good. Many people in the last hour have pointed out his thoughts on this photo he gave on a Sunday morning show.

  • I probably wouldn't be a good Secretary of State, but the thought occurred to me why the U.S. doesn't just take over Haiti and make it a territory.  American companies would flock to make it a premiere tourist destination. And the people would welcome it, right?

  • We all know there is a car shortage, but it doesn't help that an Amtrack train going from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City hit a trailer carrying a load of cars over the weekend. 

  • The trial of these three men on the charge of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery begins today in a state court in Georgia.  I've got a weird feeling on how this one is going to turn out. 

  • There's a pot hole on southbound 287 about a mile this side of Rhome which I'm pretty sure was blowing out tires this weekend. (Outside lane. Right tires.)
  • When I saw this headline, I was reminded that I had forgotten that the phrase "the rabbit died" was a way we used to say, "she's pregnant." I heard that as a kid all the time, but I haven't heard it in 20 years. 

  • Another memory flashback: I loved Thelma Lou when I was kid.


  • Legal stuff: I saw a random transcript of an interrogation of one of the Trump Insurrectionists posted on Twitter, and it is a perfect example of crap cops can get away with. 
    They are not your "advocates"

    Uh, it's called a Miranda *waiver* of rights!

  • The most important moment of the Cowboy game was Cedric Wilson catch on 4th and 4 on the game tying drive in regulation. That ball was headed to a Gatorade cooler.  If he doesn't make that catch, they lose. Video.

  • That's sorriness. Someone had to fix that. 

  • Why Texas lost to Oklahoma State: The Longhorns ran only 17 plays in the second half and managed only one first down  -- and the first down was on the opening drive.  (But that 84 yard pick six when the Empire was about to go up 24-3 and run away with game cannot be understated.)

  • I can't find the attendance at NASCAR this weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway. It's got to be dismal, right? That's this finish: