Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I had found this on Joe Duty's Flickr page (which still exists and is fun to browse around on.) This photo was associated with Cottondale somehow.   

  • Brian Laundrie's remains have probably been found in an area not far from his family's home. "Laundrie's parents directed FBI agents and North Port police to the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park where 'some articles belonging to Brian were found,' Steven Bertolino, an attorney for the Laundrie family, said in a statement." And some reports have his dad being the first person who found one of those articles.  Suspicious? (But the best conspiracy theory I heard yesterday: A third person killed both him and Gabby Petito.)

    • In more than one way, America is now safer:

  • Well, I speculated that some Wise County resident would run for the newly drawn Texas state House District 64, but this isn't exactly what I envisioned. Andy Hopper, who was behind the small "Wise County Conservatives" group, announced yesterday he would seek election for that position. This is what happened the last time he ran for office: 

  • Trump announced a new social network where, instead of posts called Tweets, members will post "Truths", and "Retweets" will be branded "Retruths." That may be the most Orwellian thing ever. 

    • And this new social network will supposedly be a bastion of free speech where "Big Tech won't be allowed to censor our First Amendment rights." However, it has one big exception in its Terms of Service Agreement: You can't badmouth Trump or you'll be banned. Term no. 23 sets that out. 

    • This will be a disaster.
  • Wise County's "Largest Hog Hunting Contest In The World" is out with a new promotional video. I don't know anything about hog hunting, but I do know production value, and the video certainly has that. 

  • I'll give Arlington Police credit for one thing: They always release the bodycam footage, and make no attempts to cover it up. They always do. 


  • This Trump disciple is running for Governor in Nevada, and I get get her first ad out of my mind.  

  • Greg Abbott appeared at at a Kingwood Tea Party event on Monday and said this below. I'm telling you, he got a brand new advisor about midway through last year when he was getting beat up his mask mandate and COVID business restrictions mandate.  He didn't talk this way before his makeover.   

  • Baylor lost its appeal yesterday to keep the Pepper Hamilton report confidential. A screw-up by the school's lawyers are the reason they'll have to turn it over. 
  • Travis Tritt on Fox News.
    • Now:
      Side note: "Sensation"? "Evil"? 

    • Then:

  • Fun baseball stat below.   The chances of seeing a starter go more than six innings these days are only 1 in 3.  Compare: Nolan Ryan threw 222 complete games.

  • ???? It's still up last time I checked.

  • Just for the photo . . .