Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That was how Apple's home page looked on October 5, 2011 after it was immediately changed.

  • According to the Wise County Jail records, Decatur ISD Board Member Thomas Houchin was arrested by the Decatur Police Department on the charge of DWI last night. He was booked in at 12:38 a.m.  (A note of caution: As much as the guy has been dog-piled lately, everyone probably needs to withhold judgment here. There is no charge more likely not to pan out than that of DWI.  A recent example is that of Texas governor candidate Allen West's wife.)
  • I was correct about my report yesterday that not enough people showed up for jury selection in a murder trial at the Decatur courthouse on Monday. Only 53 of 300 people responded to the jury summons (18%). Of those 53, so many had to be released for not being qualified or "struck for cause" that there weren't enough left over to seat a 12 person jury. 
  • A revised Texas House map was released yesterday but the changes did not impact Wise County. We are still proposed to be in district 64 held by Rep. Lynn Stucky. I thought they might tweak the boundaries of that part of the district in Denton County, but it remained the same in the revised map. 

  • A Wise County murder conviction where the defendant received 40 years in prison was affirmed on appeal yesterday.  
  • Big news in Cowboys world in that they cut Jaylon Smith last night.  The best answer as to "why now?" is something the Dallas Morning News pointed out a month ago: If he were to have been injured this year and couldn't pass a physical on March 20, 2022, his salary for next year of $9.2 million would become fully guaranteed. The Cowboys think he's done and didn't want to risk him getting hurt. 

  • If you've been following the Urban Meyer case (the Jacksonville head coach who got very handsy with a girl in a restaurant/bar that he co-owns in Ohio), one of the under-reported fun facts is that Meyer has a big picture of himself and his wife hanging in that bar. 

  • The Southlake school administration investigated the claim and decided to not reprimand the teacher. The Carroll School Board overturned that decision.  The book was a New York Times bestseller and an Oprah Book Club selection. (What is going on in Southlake is the focus of a great podcast here.)

  • That's a hotel room. In Texas

  • Messenger: Above the Fold (I got my access back!)