Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The dead woman was a 46 year old Black woman who was shot in her own home (family members had called the police for help because she was suicidal.)  There were actually two officers. One fired his weapon "several times" and killed her. A backup officer thought the only force needed was to use his taser. Ten years ago, the story just quickly vanished off the front page.  

  • Four people were killed on the Wise/Parker County border on FM 51 late yesterday afternoon when two pickup trucks collided. One victim was from Waxahachie, but that's all I've heard so far. 

  • A Tarrant County judge fired off a hot opinion. Star-Telegram story link. Video link. (The judge also told her it wouldn't happen if he had been singing in the "choir" instead.) 

  • I think the firing, or technically the "resignation" of the Bridgeport City Manager caught everyone off guard on Monday. And this quote he made to co-workers at the end of the city council meeting seems to indicate that he took issue with being told that "morale" was one of the reasons for the change:

    • It's just a wild guess, but that's something someone says after an exchange of "We've heard there is a morale problem." "Morale, problem? How is there a morale problem?" "Well, the employees don't seem very happy. There aren't a lot of smiles around here." 
    • Credit: Todays' Messenger for the quote above. 
  • Dateline El Paso. I'm no headline writer for the Dallas Morning News, but I don't think it was the type of Cheetos that she fed to the monkeys that got her fired. The fact that she got inside the enclosure with the monkeys to do it probably had something to do with it. Video

  • There's something that still bugs me about the abduction and murder of four year old Cash Gernon in Dallas. Something is not right about that case. And the fact that the British tabloid, the Daily Mail, has the exclusive rights to the footage of the abduction indicates that someone in the house probably sold the footage. (Cash Gernon's absentee father read a statement on YouTube defending his absenteeism but didn't show his face.) 

  • Incredibly minor "damage" to Comfort High School property (including "forking" the football field) led to the suspension of half the senior class including the valedictorian and salutatorian. (Link to the post below here.) Bonus points if you know where Comfort, Texas is. 

  • Yesterday she deleted the tweet insulting the Republican House Majority leader six minutes after she posted it. She's a walking train wreck.

  • That's PGA Champion Phil Mickelson teeing off this morning shortly after 7:00 a.m. at the pro-am at Colonial in Fort Worth. That's a little bit of a different atmosphere from the 18th fairway last Sunday. 

  • And another. What'd I tell you about getting rich in massive warehouses?

  • Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith will get to switch from number 54 to 9, Tony Romo's old number, and the NFL gave him the OK so long as he writes them a check for around $500,000 "to buy out the current inventory of No. 54 jerseys and T-shirts" of official NFL gear that already has his name printed on them.  Smith, who will be lucky to be on the roster next year, is a mediocre linebacker who will be lucky to be on the roster after this season. And apparently he's not very smart because he's going to pay it.  

  • Messenger: Above the Fold