Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

There was a bomb threat at Decatur ISD ten years ago which turned out to be a false alarm. The picture of the kids who evacuated wasn't posted by the school -- someone sent it to me that day.  Interestingly, the note that caused the commotion actually made its way to Facebook. I think it had been written on a door:

  • I'm trying to confirm that an insufficient number of jurors showing up for service caused a murder trial in Decatur to get derailed yesterday.  
  • There were lots of funny comments about Facebook being down. 

  • And another DFW company. That's 54,000 employees.

  • The gerrymandering for State Senate District 10 in order to get rid of Democrat Beverly Powell is really amazing. It is currently 413 square miles but will increase to 6,233.

  • I don't know how you can do a story like this and simply say, "The cause of death was not released."  The Dallas Morning News was quiet about it as well in their story

  • George Floyd had a drug conviction out of Harris County, but it was one of the many cases handled by an officer who ended up being disgraced and charged because of the infamous "Pecan Park Raid" in 2019.  Now the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole has approved a posthumous pardon for Floyd, but it has to be approved by Greg Abbott. Here's a hot prediction: He won't approve it. 

  • Funny chryno this morning on CNN reviewing former VP Mike Pence appearing on Fox News last night. 

  • Never heard a thing about whether these two were related. Both were posted early Sunday morning. 

  • Officials at the Collin County Courthouse forgot to pay attention to its "emergency power transfer switch" yesterday morning.  

  • Three valets of the ages of 18, 22 and 23, who worked at the restaurant pictured below, were killed in Houston on Friday night after a car driven by a 17 year old struck them. He was being chased by police for doing doughnuts in a parking lot. Sheesh. And there's a weird twist: The 17 year old was another valet from a different restaurant across the street who was in a customer's car. 

  • Didn't I tell you the richest guy I know once told me he began investing in warehouses? This from the Dallas Morning News today:

  • We got to take care of a dog at the office for a couple of days.  Office dogs should officially be a thing. 

  • Legal nerd stuff: The Twitter bot which tracks laughter during arguments at the Supreme Court. (It had  a rough year due to COVID induced Zoom hearings, but it's back.)