Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It was October 3, 2011 when Mrs. LL actually saw this on Highway 287 and snapped a few pictures. That's wild.  

  • I've got a (personal) update from the proposed Texas House redistricting map from Friday. If Wise County joins the northwest portion of Denton County as the newly released map shows, we already have an incumbent. Uh, I basically failed to mention that on Friday. Well guess who tracked down my super secret cell phone number and called me on Saturday morning? That would be the incumbent, Rep. Lynn Stucky. I'll say this about him: What a nice guy. I figured he was going to chew me out for giving him short shrift on Friday, but nothing could be further from the truth. He just wanted to let me know he would be honored to represent Wise County if the new map holds. (One interesting thing that I learned was that even he didn't know what the new map would look until a day or so before it came out.) 

  • Considering the background between the (now deceased) man and a Decatur lawyer who was quoted in the story, this is a heck of a story.

  • Watch a small plane crash on a town street in Winnie, Texas on Saturday morning.

  • So a NASCAR crowd at Talladega shouts an expletive about President Biden and the same thing happens at a TCU game as well? And Fox News celebrates it? And Don Jr. encourages it? This is what it has come to? We've sunk this low? Have we no decency?

  • There was a weird story buried in the Messenger (which I still can't access despite being logged in!!!) where you could pay $50 or more to attend a Doomsday Preppers seminar in Bridgeport. I kind of wanted to hear more about the motivation behind it. 
  • Those vaccine passports just keep on coming!

  • Hood County may be the most backwoods county in the State. They were in the news for a while for having a some Oath Keepers as part of their law enforcement, and now they are back in it for almost firing their by-the-book Elections Coordinator.

  • Got him. He seems concerned. 

  • These are two great photos out of the Wichita Falls paper for a wreck on Friday night. A Christopher Walker was noted as the photographer. 

  • Just the other day I wrote about how "we don't hear anymore" about the Feds finding some smuck online and baiting him into a plot that he otherwise doesn't have the brains to be pull off. Well, it looks like I was wrong. They just aren't targeting Muslims any longer. "Tried to blow up" is a reach here. 

  • I've said it before, if you listen to any of the news talk radio stations in DFW on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you are hearing scam after scam in paid programming. This from the the Morning News this weekend (the show was on KRLD):

  • UT had a horrible start against TCU which led to this Twitter post within 11 minutes of kickoff. UT, however, quickly got it together.  (And I'm not sure Texas doesn't beat OU straight up on Saturday.)

  • Sam Elliott showing up in Weatherford. 

  • Any bets on whether he's vaccinated?

  • My only Cowboy observation: As the game got slightly dicey in the Fourth Quarter, tell me there was some reason other than "player management" that kept CB Trevon Diggs on the sideline? If not, that is really, really weird.