Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

One of the two worked out. And I seriously misjudged Google+.   

  • Point: It doesn't seem fair that the majority in a legislative body can be thwarted by Texas Democrats who invoked the quorum rule by leaving and going to D.C. Counterpoint: It's the equivalent of the Republican Minority in the U.S. Senate thwarting the majority by just invoking the filibuster rule. 
    Texas GOP doing some posing yesterday

  • Covid quick hits for the unvaccinated. Pay attention:
    Nearby Tarrant seems bad.

    Hey! Wise County is a little darker than everyone around us!

    Another day of Texas hospitalization increases

    But you can ignore this. And you wonder how someone gets inspired to drive nine hours to El Paso and go on a shooting rampage? He knows exactly what he is doing.

  • Whatever it takes. (And I wanted to post the marine photo.) 

  • Joe Exotic had his sentenced vacated by the 10th Circuit yesterday. Not the conviction, just his sentence which will have to be redone. But the opinion starts off with this new wave of cutesy writing by federal judges. 

  • It has finally dawned on me why the Trump Insurrectionists are hell-bent on exposing the identify of the police officer who, while defending the Capitol building, shot Ashli Babbitt: They think he is a black man.  

  • Any publicity is good publicity. New York Times best seller list: 

  • Bad lawyer.

  • If you have time, read this story. There may be something really wild going on. 

  • I stumbled on this: A watchdog, who reviews the mandatory forms required of Texas law enforcement for any in-custody death, found this one from San Jacinto County for a death earlier this month. It's a little disturbing. A lady with mental health problems committed suicide after putting a cord around her neck for the third time. (Uh, you want to keep it the cord away from her after time number two?) And to make it worse, the only reason she was in jail was for a fine-only Public Intoxication charge. She had been there seven days.

  • Random fan on Twitter of the Ticket says his car was hit by a "bucket truck" yesterday which then fled towards Decatur

  • There's nothing shocking about this. Have you listened to talk radio? They encourage it every day.  

  • Selling a gun encased in Legos seemed like a really bad idea. 

  • It's been four days since the Decatur School Board fired anyone and paid them off with taxpayer money.