Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It's easy to forget that Roy Williams ever played receiver for the Cowboys, but I certainly didn't remember that he sued his ex-girlfriend because she wouldn't return an engagement ring that he mailed to her.  The case was immediately settled when she returned the ring.    

  • With the slimmest of margins last night, the Decatur School Board voted, for all intents and purposes, to fire its superintendent. The chaos continues. 

  • Richard Branson news from yesterday morning: 

  • Breaking down a headline. Here is the offensive clothing story. Here is the duct tape story. Here is the "Hands on head" story. 


  • Las Vegas on Saturday. 

  • Trump was revising history this weekend, and he's going to get a police officer killed or start another insurrection. (Audio with Mario Bartiromo who is an accomplice.) 

  • Keep your eye -- especially a large percentage of Wise Countians -- on this Delta variant. We are beginning to see the slightest of upticks. 

  • For some reason, CPAC in Dallas was the home of anti-vaxxers this weekend.
    • This pastor provides some dubious advice. Video.

    • I'm really having a hard time understanding this crowd's flirtation with death. Video

    • And you've always got to ramp it up a notch. Video.

  • Don, Jr. was at CPAC and had a bizarre moment. I'm not exactly sure what he was saying about Texas here. Nor did the audience.  Watch.
  • On Saturday morning, the statue of Robert E. Lee was taken down in Charlottesville, VA. You might remember that's the location of the Unite the Right rally which left a lady dead and the origin of the "fine people on both sides" comment. 
    Still shot from a video made by someone simply sitting on their porch.
    A haunting image from Charlottesville in 2017.

  • I'd feel a letter better about Texas sheriffs if they didn't all dress like they were at a wild west cosplay convention. 

  • Decatur's own Bryce Elder is off to a great in his first year as a professional pitcher. (The Mississippi Braves are the Double A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.) He currently has a 2.66 ERA.

  • There's a sanctions hearing going on at this moment in federal court over one of the bogus presidential election "Kraken" lawsuits. Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and others were ordered to appear.