Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Kelli Cox was a UNT student who vanished during the day in July of 1997 after touring the Denton Police Department jail.  Ten years ago the case was unsolved, but no more. In 2016, a Texas inmate, who with the help of DNA had recently been discovered to be a serial killer, would lead authorities to her body in Brazoria County. And just last month he was sentenced to death in Oklahoma in connection with the murder of another young woman. 

  •  Nice lede by the Messenger today regarding the chaos surrounding the Decatur School Board. 

  • The Texas Democrats are in D.C. and are grabbing national headlines. And, no, they won't be arrested.


  • A new lawsuit in Texas challenging the new restrictive abortion law has been filed, but the Supreme Court will rule on a 15 week ban out of Mississippi before this one gets finally adjudicated. The Supreme Court decided to hear that case on May 17th and, with the new conservative majority, all the rules may soon change.

  • It's a Family Affair: Five members of the same family from Borger, Texas were arrested for their involvement in the Trump Insurrection. They, by their own admission, "are Q."

  • Texas has seen 10 straight days of hospitalizations increasing due to COVID. We went from 1,589 on July 2nd to 2,282 yesterday.  That's nothing close to our peak of 14,000 last January, but still a trend which is worth noting. 

  • But just keep on following the anti-vaxxer right wing leaders. For instance, the Jewish Space Laser theorist is full of misinformation to guide you down that path.

  • Alabama's own Roy Moore, who is basically infamous now, predictably has lost his lawsuit yesterday against Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen tricked him into an interview and then brought out a "pedophile detector" device which went off when he hovered it around the former judge and failed Senate candidate. Video here.

  • I saw this and was skeptical, but then a rabbit trail led me to Harry J. Anslinger.

  • Personal note: Shout out to Decatur Attorney Mark "The Decatur Hammer" Howell for a tremendous batch of home grown tomatoes that he personally delivered to me. 
  • Sports: The Los Angeles Angels drafted a pitcher in every single round in the 20 round MLB draft.  I love this. And I think it's smart. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold