Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

2011 might have been peak prosecutor arrogance in Texas, and I took time back then to rail against this lead story in the official Texas prosecutor publication. It was basically bragging about convicting a man with no evidence (look at the sub-headline). I was just slightly ahead of the curve. Later in 2011, the Michael Morton scandal would break revealing the practice of illegally withholding of evidence, and everyone began to look at D.A. offices in a brand new light. 

  •  Texas Democrats have fled to Washington D.C. to prevent a quorum in the legislature in protest of proposed more stringent voter laws.

    • Their excuse to "save democracy" may not sit well with some Texans, but I suppose it's more noble than fleeing to Cancun while the masses are freezing to death. 
    • Heading to the airport yesterday.

    • You can taken exception as to whether Texas' proposed new voter laws is "the new Jim Crow", but this is a lie:

  • The federal court hearing yesterday -- all six hours of it -- where a judge is considering sanctions against the "Kraken" election lawyers was brutal. And glorious.  For all my professional life I've been fearful of putting anything in a pleading which wasn't true, yet I watched Sidney Powell and Lin Wood blatantly lie last December and January about conspiracy theories. I was stunned they could get away with it. Now they won't. I just don't know why it has taken so long to slap them down. 

  • Everyone complaining about gas prices need to remember they were higher in 2005 and, on average, many years thereafter. From 2011 to 2015 they were always over $3.00 a gallon. 

  • I rewatched JFK the other day. That's one wild movie which is notorious for playing fast and lose with the truth.  And that 10 minute scene where District Attorney Garrison meets with mysterious Mr. X in D.C. where, in a rambling 10 minutes, the guy reveals all sorts of government secrets is unbelievably ridiculous. 

  • Speaking of ridiculous, Mr. X would probably have brought up this with Kevin Costner if he had a little more screen time: 

  • I completely missed this video of a pretty powerful firework being thrown into a convertible at a stop light. Good lord. 

  • Funny.

  • I had a leaky copper pipe coming from a hot water heater that a neighbor was able to replace with the skill of a licensed plumber. I would tell you his name, but I had to give him Blog Immunity because he didn't want everyone and their dog in Wise County calling him for help.