Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Another nearby mass shooting I had completely forgotten about. 

  •  I told you no one would get arrested. 

  • I can't tell if Dak Prescott is vaccinated or not. He wouldn't answer that question on Friday saying, "I think that's HIPAA." Sheesh.  Then Jerry Jones, when asked about the comment, said that Dak was doing "everything he can to win games" adding "if you know what I mean."  He also said only five Cowboys weren't vaccinated. 

  • This reporter posted a clip of what she has to put up with when trying to do a live shot. Language warning. Even a local DFW female reporter chimed in about how this type of harassment happens all the time. 

  • Trump's White Delta Variant Super Spreader event on Saturday.

  • Just a U.S. Attorney being sloppy in it's official twitter feed but still leaving the post up all weekend.

  • "Solicitation of prostitution" becomes a felony in Texas on September 1st. That, the mere uttering of the words to an undercover cop becomes a felony. 

  • I took this in Bridgeport because it got my attention. I'll admit I wasn't familiar with the "Texas Military Department.

  • The Cleveland Indians name change brought this response. Funny.

  • The U.S. basketball team lost to the French. The French? It's the first time the U.S. team had lost a game in the Olympics since 2004.  

  • The official University of Maryland twitter account got sassy on Friday. 

  • Big 12 Break-Up: Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News made this point about Baylor to the PAC-10 which I've heard more than once.  In the end, I bet TCU, Tech, and Baylor all end up in the AAC where Houston and SMU already reside. 

  • Random "fight" video: Watch this smaller guy take two incredible punches and not be fazed. 

  • Ticket fans: Junior Miller announced this morning that he should become a father this week at age 57. Oh, my. (He's married to Fox 4's Natalie Solis who I could have sworn I saw on TV this weekend and showed no signs of being pregnant.)

  • The longest losing streak in Texas Rangers history is 15 games in 1972. The current one now stands at 12.  Let's do this. 

  • In any Olympic event, there should be an extra lane for the average cocky athletic guy who thinks he could compete. Not only would he get his comeuppance, but we would have a good gauge as to how good the Olympians really are. 
  • Documentary review: Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage on HBO is wild. And great.