Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That's the picture of a bike hit by a car in Runaway Bay this week 10 years ago. The rider was a Texas Tech student who was, fascinatingly, riding from Lubbock to the metroplex. And that is all we ever learned about it. Never learned his name. Never learned his condition. 

  •  This cabin at the Wise County Reunion has raised some eyebrows.

  • One of the weirdest storms pop-up storms ever hit Lake Bridgeport yesterday afternoon. 101 degrees one moment followed by dark skies, pouring rain, and straight line winds toppling trees and throwing around carports. Then back to clear skies. Power was knocked out for six hours as Oncor repaired downed lines. 

  • Texas State Rep. Jake Ellzey on Tuesday defeated Republican Susan Wright to replace Wright’s late husband, Ron Wright, in Congress.  Trump backed Wright but Rick Perry was probably right about something for once: 

  • That's misleading. It's either get vaccinated or submit to regular testing.  

  • The reason hospital numbers are a better judge than the "new cases" numbers for tracking COVID is that the number of people being tested now as compared to last year is night and day. There are no drive-through centers to be tested if you have a hunch you might have it. Plus, I've always though hospitalizations were a better barometer. 
    • We are right at 5,000 hospitalizations in Texas and rising. Last summer's wave peaked at 11,000. The peak last January was at 14,000. I'm clueless and to what it will hit this time.
  • There should be a rule that only people who can do a cartwheel should have an opinion on this. 

  • That's pricey even for the Park Cities.

  • Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby makes close to $3 million. Why? What exactly did he do? And even if you can identify what that is, he has failed miserably at it. 

  • I finally finished Lonesome Dove. I've got lots of hot opinions about it and most of them aren't positive. I'm debating going on a multi-bullet pointed rant.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold