Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This was on July 25, 2011.   

  • New this morning. Yesterday she posted “I truly do feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders at times." 
    Update #1: So a physical injury?
    Update #2: "Medical issue" is vague.
    Update #3: From a UPI reporter. Others have confirmed.

  • The Russians (who are confusingly not officially the Russians) won the team competition after her withdrawal. 

  • It's just for show since it's not on the agenda for the Special Session, but here's the bill to keep UT from leaving the Big 12 without permission from the legislature. I note that Jacksboro's David Spiller is one of the very many sponsors of it. Sic 'em. 

    • And state rep Jeff Leach (who, unlike Spiller, oozes "politician") decided to try and be funny and take a shot at the Longhorns. That's odd because he barely won his election last time. He can't afford to alienate anyone. 

  • I think the media got a little too excited about someone being "stoned" to death. 

  • In kind of a weird coincidence, two Saturdays ago I took the time to re-read The Lottery which I had found online.  Man, that's a haunting short story. I also watched the 18 minute short film on it produced by Encyclopedia Britannica from 1969 which is true to the story, and has a very young Ed Begley Jr. in it.

  • It's perfect: Yesterday Trump endorsed the most corrupt AG in Texas history in his re-election campaign. In doing so, Trump turned his back on George P. Bush who sold out his family in seeking Trump's endorsement. If you want, you can probably get these (real) George P koozies on the cheap:

  • The QAnon Republican congressman is going all Old Testament this morning. Praise God and pass the ammunition. 

  • Civil jury trials have been "paused" for at least one week in Dallas County because of COVID upticks. I saw this quote in the story, and I'm not sure that is true at all. As a comparison, jury questionnaires ask you what religion you associate with. And, arguably, potential jurors are asked much more personal questions than that all the time. 

  • Hadn't seen much about this: Sul Ross' offensive coordinator, who was just 37 years old, has died of COVID. And with over a dozen cases, the team has suspended any summer practice.

  • Texas COVID hospitalization update: My usual go-to chart from the Texas Tribune is being revised more slowly than it was a few months back. The official numbers show 4,626 for July 25th. I bet we've cracked 5,000 in the hospital by now. This is officially Surge #3. 

  • Texas "vaccine passport" support and lack thereof. Think link breaks it down by political affiliation as well.

  • I'm no business guy, but it seems like the cost of foreign goods is about to skyrocket when we see the shipping cost for just one of those forty foot containers skyrocket like this. $10,000? 

  • As the Big 12 disintegrates in front of our eyes, what was wrong with this in the first place?

  • In that capital murder case highlighted below, the guy elbowed a bailiff in the face after the guilty verdict.  (Video.) His timing wasn't great. Today the jury comes back to deliberate his punishment of life or death.