Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Someone alert Freezing Cold Takes. 

  •  That's a pretty big brawl in broad daylight, and I'd like to know what happened between the cop and the guy before the cop delivered the beat down. 

  • Holy cow.  This kid from Southlake is an impressive prospect (I once featured him in a bullet point after his sophomore year), but if this turns out to be true, the new NIL rule by the NCAA has changed the landscape of football far more than we realized.

  • This guy pled guilty and went to the judge instead of a jury for punishment. The probated sentence seems fair -- he was stupid in his actions but no drugs or alcohol were involved and there was no criminal history. But my question is: During the sentencing hearing (once again, without a jury), who was it that positioned that photo of the victim right there? Someone in the courtroom knew it would be captured from by the News photographer and placed it where the judge would be caught in the background. I'm guessing it was a prosecutor trying to pressure a judge into a harsh sentence -- although the judge might have been oblivious to the fact the photo had even been placed there. 

  • From yesterday, I present to you a U.S. Senator:

  • I present to you a U.S. Representative:

  • It may not even make the news, but overnight the Alaskan coast had an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. It was in a remote area, but it is noteworthy because 8.2 is massive. 
  • The Big 12 accused ESPN of tampering with its contracts by trying to get another conference to poach one of its remaining teams, yet everyone can only talk about the commissioner's signature.

  • After the death of Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, I checked out how much the band were touring these days.  Answer: A ton. Here's the schedule. They might be (have been) the hardest working men in show business. 

  • Random news anniversary about an event I can't remember hearing about. 

  • The Texas Rangers have chosen not to sign fan favorite Joey Gallo and have traded him to the Yankees instead. Here are the bottom payrolls for MLB teams for the 2021 season:

  • And, seriously, Saturday night is Joey Gallo bobble-head night at the Rangers' ballpark.