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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

It looks like the sheriff's deputy was Seth Aaron Miller who was convicted and placed on five years probation with 60 days in jail as a condition of that probation. As far as my proclamation that the ME's office is nuts (something that turned out to be exactly right), I can't find a single reference to the barstool story, and the link is dead.   (

  • I don't know why this isn't front and center of every newscast and newspaper this morning. A ransomware attack by a Russian group has shutdown a pipeline which carries gasoline and other fuel from Texas to the Northeast. It delivers roughly 45% of fuel consumed on the East Coast.

  • Weekend Gunfire News:
    • A gunman killed six members of an extended family Sunday at a birthday party at a mobile home in Colorado Springs
    • One man was killed and seven other people were wounded in a shooting inside a downtown Phoenix hotel after an argument early Sunday, police said.
    • Three people, including a child, were shot in Times Square on Saturday afternoon.
  • The great Portuguese water dog, Bo Obama from Boyd, Texas, died late last week

  • Over the weekend, Donald Trump actually called the winner of the Kentucky Derby a "junky." 

  • The insanity continues. "The median single-family sales price set a record at $325,000, 18% higher than in April 2020." How are young people supposed to afford a house? Interest rates certainly help out, but that's offset by property taxes which kill you. 

  • Faith healer Ernest Angley has died at the age of 99.  I watched way too much of this man on TV when I was a teenager. I struggled with being told on Sunday mornings that if I had faith the size of a mustard tree that I could move a mountain, yet knowing this man was obviously a fraud. 

  • Seeing this question online this morning and it's a great one: Is Tucker Carlson vaccinated?

  • It took me almost a decade, but I finally drove through the toll road on LBJ 635 in Dallas from I-35 to past Central.  It's incredible. 

  • I was on my way to Arkansas and had to go through Hooks, Texas. You can see the high school stadium from the highway, and I wondered to myself how many people think, "That's where Billy Sims played" when they go by. I always do.

  • Another arrest has been made in a Texas cold case using Familial DNA Searching. That is, using commercial sites like  GEDmatch, 23andme, and to at least locate the family tree of a killer and then go from there. 

  • Alvord High School's baseball team is in the playoffs and will play in the Holy Land starting on Thursday: John Paul II's field in Plano. Here's an actual satellite shot: 

  • I'm 100 pages into Lonesome Dove.  My verdict is being formed and thus far withheld.