Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

This turned out to be the crazy case of Fred Earl Ingerson, III who was accused of murdering Robyn Richter and Shawna Ferris who were found dead in the parking lot of the Miyako Japanese Restaurant in Granbury, Texas on June 28, 2008. It looked like the jury was hung, but they finally reached a guilty verdict after three days of deliberations. But I wasn't the only one who thought it was a weak case. The Fort Worth Court of Appeals reversed the conviction on insufficient evidence grounds. But then, in an incredibly rare act, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals decided to hear the case and reinstated the verdict in 2018. (One of the Wise County connections was that Wise County Sheriff David Walker was the brother-in-law of one of the victims. He attended the trial. The other is that one of the prosecutors on the case now works in Wise County.)  

  • The Texas open/concealed carry-without-a-license bill has hit a snag. Shockingly, yesterday the House rejected the amendments to the bill made by the Senate. Now it goes to a committee composed of members from both chambers who will try to reach a compromise, and then that comprise must be approved by the full House and Senate. I no longer know what the chances of it passing are. 

  • Video grab bag making the rounds this week:
    • Kid on kid violence that should never happen. Link.

    • Cowboys release insane video about the 2021 schedule. Link.

    • Tell your friends: The video of the lady putting gasoline into plastic bags is actually from 2019. Link.

  • Elon Musk made a weird announcement last night that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin for payment. They guy just manipulates the market for his own gain, but somehow it is legal. 
  • Stolen weather forecast. (Disclaimer: It's a Delkus forecast so take it with a grain of salt.) 

  • Day 16 in jail:

  • Bass infusion at Lake Bridgeport:

  • The major six lane bridge on I-40 over the Mississippi outside of Memphis has been shut down and might be so for months. Here is why

  • Grab bag of crazy quotes after yesterday's ouster of Rep. Liz Chaney:
    • Mature response from a freshman Republican Congressman.

    • From the loneliness of Mar-a-Lago:

    • This guy spoke up, too. 

    • But the big winner of the day was Rep. Andrew Clyde's (R-GA). This is called defying objective truth: “There was no insurrection, and to call it an insurrection, in my opinion, is a bald-faced lie. Watching the TV footage of those who entered the capitol and walked through statutory hall showed people in an orderly fashion, taking videos and pictures. If you didn’t know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist video.”

  • Fox News ran a false report last night saying that construction on The Wall had resumed. They retracted it this morning when they figured out it was just the repair of a levee, not the wall, on the border. (Reporter Bill Melugin was also the original source of the fake tampon in a cop's coffee story.)

  • Random things I did not know: A German sub sank an American ship off the coast of Mississippi in 1942 killing 26. This seems like a crazy big deal, but I don't even think it has its own Wikipedia page. 

  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their inductees yesterday, but I don't care because it seems like everyone gets into the Hall of Fame.  One major oversight, however: Wings.