Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That guy was a new Congressman, and I thought the cover was a little odd so I made a post out of it in May of 2011. Here's his current Wikipedia entry:   "Aaaron Schock resigned from Congress in March 2015 amid a scandal involving his use of public and campaign funds . . . . After he pled not guilty, prosecutors reached a deferred prosecution agreement with him in March 2019 whereby all charges against him were dropped in return for period of good behavior and payment of $100,000 in restitution.

"Schock had a voting record of consistently opposing LGBTQ rights. He came out as gay in March 2020."

  • Tiger update in Houston. His owner or caretaker, who was out on bond for murder, has been arrested. His tiger, who was last seen on his lawn and then in his truck, has not been located. 

  • I'm surprised that Brooke Melton, the lady arrested in the big drug raid near Victory Church in Decatur, is still in jail. She's been there 14 days. Note that this is someone who hasn't been convicted of anything, but our justice system says that if you don't have money for bond, you sit in a cage. 

  • Random Broadway news this morning:

  • Ummkay. 

  • Last week, protestors blocked a road in Plano in response to the death of Marvin Scott who died while in the Collin County Jail on a misdemeanor weed charge.  One guy, who got stuck in traffic, got out and went on a rant which was caught on video.  For some reason, Texas AG Ken Paxton (who is under indictment and being investigated by the feds), decided to enter the fray yesterday and come to the defense of the frustrated motorist, who just happens to be white, over the protestors, who he described as "militant BLM protestors."

  • Israel and the Palestinians are at it again over the last few days, but I'm not sure why nine children had to die last night.  

  • The return to normalcy continues: Lafayette Park across from the White House is now open. 

  • Lee Greenwood has "inspired" a Bible!  (And it's only $49.99.) 

  • A faithful reader shared this photo of a ton of bees which suddenly appeared in a yard in Decatur on Sunday. More amazingly, there was a bee expert in town who came over and wrangled them into a container and moved them out. 

  • This meme has been showing up lately, and I absolutely agree with it. If I share something with you, it's because it has impacted me and has caused me (normally) concern. I don't want you to immediately reply with your story that you think is similar. But, man, lots of people disagree with that. They are of the position that sharing your story is expressing empathy and that's what conversations are all about. I don't know who is "right" here. 

  • Innocent conversation between young boy and his father in a Texarkana bathroom on Sunday which I've thought about way too much:  The kid said he was frustrated while washing his hands because  the automated water faucet turned off so quickly. His dad tells him that the water will stay on so long as he keeps his hands directly under the faucet, and adds, "So why are you complaining about something that you caused?" The kid just went silent. The dad wasn't mean to him, but just matter-of-fact. And they were dressed like they had just gotten out of church. I guess there was a good teaching moment of, "Sometimes what you think is a the source of a problem is not the source at all" but it didn't come across that way. It bugged me. 
  • The amount of time law enforcement has spent "protecting" us from eight-liners is laughable: