Random Friday Morning Thoughts

The background here is that an In-N-Out Burger had opened in Frisco and people lost their minds. I still remember the video of this girl (still available) as she cried with joy. It was so darned weird. (Unless someone shares her name, she got married a couple of years ago. Here's another fun fact: Did you know that since Jay Leno ran the clip on The Tonight Show that she got her own IMBD page?)

  • The CDC announced yesterday that if you have been fully vaccinated then you no longer need to wear a mask or socially distance. That's as close to an announcement of "It is all over!" that we are ever going to get. 

  • Well, it's technically over for a quarter of us. 

  • This was the horrible case that occurred off Greenville Avenue in Dallas two years ago. The 22 year old had gone out to celebrate her birthday when she was grabbed in a parking lot in the early evening hours.  He was charged with capital murder where he could have received life without parole. Instead he pled guilty to a life sentence to the lesser offense of simple murder which allows him to be eligible for parole after 30 years. He would be 79 at that time if he were to be paroled (which is probably unlikely.) 

  • There was a crazy police chase that ended in Alvarado yesterday. I counted at least 23 cops drawing down on a guy at the end of it.  (Something which seems incredibly disorganized and is a recipe for the whole thing going horribly wrong.)

  • Colonial Pipeline paid $5 million to the hackers to be released from their ransomware.  I'm telling you, payments like this are made all the time. (The Wise County Sheriff's Office got hit with ransomware before and paid up.) 

  • The story isn't particularly noteworthy, but that picture is. I didn't think that looked like Jenna Ryan, but I suppose it is. Edit: Readers don't think it is.

  • Oh, my

  • Kim Ogg is the District Attorney in Harris County. Uh, where does one go to "register to be a juror"?

  • This is pretty wild: Last weekend the president of the University of South Carolina at the end of commencement congratulated the students from graduating from the "University of California" (video), and yesterday he resigned because it was discovered he plagiarized a quote in his commencement address. He stole a quote from the famous "Make up your bed" commencement address of  Admiral William McRaven at the University of Texas in 2014. 

  • My 10 year flashback earlier this week referred to Tammie Jo Chaffee who was imprisoned for murder in Wise County. A faithful reader pointed out to me that you can write to her here at WriteAPrisoner.com.
  • It's not particularly exciting, but the Fort Worth Court of Appeal affirmed a conviction for Evading Arrest out of Wise County yesterday where the defendant received 13 years in prison. (Legal nerd stuff: The appellate court, as it will always do, seemed to affirm the case on a theory not even advanced by the State. The issue was whether the jury should have been asked to decide whether the defendant failed to signal which was the basis for his initial detention. The Court said "we don't care" because there was a reasonable suspicion to stop him anyway. I'm not so sure about that.)
  • More legal nerd stuff: President Biden just got the opportunity to appoint someone to the Fifth Circuit which governs Texas.
  • What did I tell you about large warehouses?

  • Watch the reaction of a bunch of girls' college golf teams, including North Texas and Sam Houston, being advised that the Regional event at Baton Rouge was cancelled. That was sorry. (And here is Barstool Sports mocking re-creation of the moment as they try -- for publicity's sake -- to invite the teams to their own tournament.)

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 679 days.
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