Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I have no memory of this. And the WFAA link is dead so I can't find out all the hubbub was about.  

  • There was another murder arrest made in Wise County this week by the Wise County Sheriff's Office after a "fistfight." But for the life of me I don't understand this quote which appeared in the Messenger:

  • Edit after published: We may have another murder this morning
  • Bridgeport is like Denton in that it is "its own electric utility", but according to the Messenger story yesterday they aren't worried about high bills. Denton is: 

  • A video of a Harris County deputy in Houston acting like a nutcase has been circulating.  (Language warning.)  He's been placed on administrative leave for now. And this is a good time to point out that I'm seeing an increase in cursing by law enforcement in Wise County in the videos I routinely view as part of my job.  I've seen a couple just casually drop an F bomb while confronting a motorist.  

  • If you've been following this story about the Attorney General of South Dakota who claimed he thought he hit a deer with his vehicle when it was actually a person, it just got a little crazy -- maybe. Look at those opening lines in the story below. (His police interview has been released, and I've cued up the video to start where he talks about finding the body the next day.)  But he'll probably escape punishment as he should: He stopped and called the cops as soon as impact was made. As for the glasses, his car had to be towed because of the damage, and I don' think anyone noticed them at the scene. 

  • We had a pretty good Trump Insurrectionist arrest story yesterday as one guy (next to the Jesus Saves sign, below) was caught because he texted his ex-girlfriend during the Storming to tell her,  "If you can’t see the election was stolen you’re a moron.”  She, taking offense at being called a moron by someone like that, then turned the guy in. He was seen on video inside the Capitol. 
    Man making life changing decisions because he loves Trump decides to tell
    ex that she's the one who is actually a moron. 

  • I've been on the I-35 tollway in Fort Worth many times before, but I finally had to use it to go directly into downtown.  I'm now a big fan. That dedicated exit and entrance from Belknap makes it easy as pie.   (But I did pay attention to the location of the icy pile-up from a couple of weeks ago. You can see how it could happen due to the contours and slight curves in the highway. It gave me chills. And I saw a guy on the shoulder taking photographs -- probably lawsuit related.)
  • High profile Republicans were out in full support of Trump yesterday.  And they are right. 

  • Congresswomen on both sides are in mature form. Both posts with videos are here. (But Newman has a transgendered child. Greene is just mean.)  

  • The crazy QAnon church in Frisco is at it again. Last night they held an event called "How the 2020 Election Was Stolen" with the speaker being the insurance attorney, Paul Davis, who got fired for being an Insurrectionist on January 6th.  I'm beginning to pity these delusional people. 

    • Davis is now involved in an embarrassing lawsuit to throw out the election which has been wildly made fun of by lawyers and anyone else with a half a brain. 

    • Oh, and Davis signature block now looks like this: 

  • The Bridgeport Sissies beat Argyle in the playoffs last night 37-36. Here's the last few seconds where Argyle got two good shots off that didn't fall. 

  • I'm going to link to this (possible paywall) because its author, David Sibley, is a faithful Liberally Lean reader. 

  • A county commissioner for Wichita County picked up a DWI . . .